Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bike Ride Wrap-Up

The Bottom Line: TDH - 75 miles, will smama - 55 miles (we'll get to why 55 later) We are both relatively no worse for wear. My legs are tired, but functional. TDH left on a mission trip this morning but last I heard he was feeling ok too. We are also incredibly blessed to be able to do bike rides like that all in the name of someone we dearly love.

And now some random thoughts...

* According to my stopwatch I was on the bike for a total of 4 hours and 45 minutes. My previous high since last year's ride was 2 hours. This could be why my legs hate me.

* I understand that when choosing a route for these type of events you cannot always have the group start and end in the same place and end up with the exact mileage needed. However, please, please, please always err on the side of less mileage rather than more. I signed up for 50. I could have made 50... but when you add five more - mainly uphill - I begin to compare you in my head with Satan's minions... and not favorably.

* I was so relieved to cross the finish line I had tears in my eyes.

* Biking protocol states that when you pass someone you say 'on your left'. I heard that A LOT.

* Usually I was passed going uphill which is fine but I do have a message for the guy who passed me while going uphill and then proceeded to brake in front of me all the way the downhill: You. are. a. pussy. There is a special level of Dante's Inferno for people who keep me from enjoying a sweet downhill.

* If it were possible to set up rest stops around my house like they had set up for us on the course I would exercise on my bike a lot more often. Those volunteers rock!

* The 50 mile course and the 75 mile course intertwined meaning that the 75 milers would ride with us for awhile and then take some side trips and then their route would cut back and be a part of ours again. The good news was this meant that I got to see TDH at a couple of the rest stops (him leaving, me arriving). The bad news was that there were a few people who passed me more than once as they would go by and then take the side road, come back to the course and once again pass me. I think when you pass someone the third and fourth time you are obligated to say something encouraging like: "You're doing great" or "I like the way the red of your face matches the MS wristband" or "Your bike jersey does a really good job of holding in your flab".

* I have never been happier for an overcast day in my life.

* It looks like combined we will reach just under $1000 raised for the National MS Society. It is not too late if you still want to donate. Just click the link on the sidebar.

Thanks everybody for your contributions and prayers!

See you tomorrow Songbird!


Unknown said...

You did wonderfully! 50 miles of bike-riding on the part of someone who has given birth is incredibly impressive. (Let's just say I wouldn't be able to sit on a bike seat that long even if I were in the shape to ride such a distance!)
See you tomorrow!!! Yay!!!

reverendmother said...

I'm proud of you too! And jealous of you both! (Maybe Songbird could call me during your meetup and I could hear your voice at least.... hmm, hmm, maybe?)

will smama said...

Two words, Songbird: C. Section.

(he was breech)

Unknown said...

Well, that would make a difference. My last came down the birth canal sideways, and I have never been quite the same since. Those shoulders are really meant to be parallel to ours, not bumping their way along to daylight. ::shudders::

Sue said...

WooHoo!!! Way to go!!!

will smama said...

::shudders:: is right.

Thanks Sue!

Anonymous said...

You are completely awesome. Have fun with Songbird.

Jan said...

Way to go! I feel like such a wuss for not doing the MS walk - the 3 day one, that is. Maybe next year!

see-through faith said...

shudders at the birth stories .. and cheeers at the bike ride.

well done mate :)