Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Life is good, please don't get me wrong... BUT my brain is a bit overloaded. Here is an example of a typical thread of thought... sometimes between 2-4am:

I need to go to visit A at the hospital and should do that before going to COM meeting I need to look over my faith statement for that so I don't get surprised by questions on it but really even if I answer poorly I will pass but I don't want to look stupid it's the congregational vote I need to be worried about not COM I hope it's not bad that the vote doesn't happen until 1/11 even though folks will know sometime this week I need to write a draft of that letter to the congregation, contrite and thankful not gloating though do I mention the head of staff bit or just say I am going on staff no they should know and then from there on out I just won't keep mentioning that so I need to write that meeting is on Monday I have a sermon to write too but I am unmotivated by John the Baptist is this a time for a challenging sermon CRAP! I have not written the stewardship letter yet shit what the hell am I waiting for on that i need to do that but I can't focus on it now I am too wiped better focus on some personal stuff I need to do a Christmas gift inventory only 14 more days to mail stuff out why am I so late with that oh right I am waiting on a few more things to come in I have enough for The Boy but what should come from Santa what should come from me glad I decorated for him but now I have all of those boxes to put away but I can't because the basement is wet and the dehumidifier frozen over good thing I saw that before it caught fire when is tdx going to get his #(*#$ boxes out of here I should tell him to do that now rather than waiting until we move I cannot believe I have to rent the manse and wait for a new build to be finished - yikes, started - but it is going to be sweet if it/when it is done but how awkward to start work at the new job and have to commute how is Mom going to get here in time to watch The Boy and take him to school wait a minute I can't worry about that right now push that aside what about working with a staff for the first time in a long time who can I trust what do I preach in January to win them over what about my first sermon the first sunday of Lent I should tell my story to get it out there but no counting chickens until 1/11 the actual vote and first things first which is to have the called session meeting and announce to this congregation and enjoy Christmas together and focus on my job now and I have some calls to make and I need to go visit A at the hospital....

Life is good, please don't get me wrong.