Friday, July 18, 2008

You're Rubber, I'm Glue...

... what has stuck to me, bounced off you.

Or something like that. I put up the guilt post and now I feel guilty because it actually worked! What generosity you all have shown me and the friends I represent.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

The weather tomorrow promises to make the ride a bear, especially the last two hours of it. I will post about it when I physically can. One of the fun parts of this journey is my mind is free to roam and I usually come up with quite a few posts. This time I will bring a pencil and my BE moleskin notepad to jot things down so I can clear my mind for the next thing.

It will once again be interesting to note what a difference a year makes.

Thanks again all of you for your generosity. I am so touched. Wow.

Please pray for health and safety for all of the riders and a CURE FOR MS!

Peace friends,
will smama


Identity Mixed said...

It's going to be a hot one! Drink lots of water, my friend!

sherry said...

can we donate later....when medicare starts to pay us again?

My best friend and her husband both have MS.

Songbird said...

Yes, stay hydrated!!

DogBlogger said...

Godspeed, ws. Praying for you, your fellow riders, and a cure.

Sue said...

Praying for a good ride for you and for a cure - soon. Very soon.

RevHRod said...

Thinking about you and hoping you don't melt. Ooh! And I bought some moleskins recently. They are too fab! Thanks for introducing me to them.