Tuesday, June 10, 2008

That'll Blog

I have had that title thought a few times over the weekend and yet can I remember one of those 'witty' narratives? No.

One of the challenges of single parenting/full time working is finding the hours in the day. I know we all do what we have to do, but I still find myself giving homage to those who are doing it with more than one child. My ex-s-i-l does it with 4! This is my excuse for not blogging more often.

I have also noted that the last time I searched for a new position, the search itself was my full time job. What a luxury! A few committees have asked me for so much data in the initial stages that their request in itself has caused me to say, "No thanks" to the position before we even get started in the conversation. One church who was matched with me wanted: 4 sermons (I am only JUST NOW able to record them at church), the last 3 Annual Reports of the congregation, statement of faith, last 3 bulletins, last 3 newsletters and a bio.

I will give them that this is a great way to sort out the folks who are just testing the waters!

In 'The Boy' news... this morning he called me onto the couch in his sweet little voice, "Mommy, wanna come sit on the couch with me?"
I was whipping around the house as I usually do in the morning and at his request started having that internal conversation where you know you have plenty to do, but can't it wait, he won't want you to sit next to him on the couch when he is twelve, etc, etc, etc...

I came over and sat on the couch to which he responded, "Mommy, open the doors and turn on the tv."
I asked him, "Did you ask me over here just so I would open up the tv for you?"

Well, at least he's honest.


Songbird said...

Heehee, what fun for him!

My 12 and 17 year olds are watching TV with me tonight, so don't worry that it will all end with Sesame Street.

sherry said...

My 11.8 year old also still wants me to sit with him. OF course, sometimes it is just so I'll open the doors to the tv.

St. Casserole said...

About that church who wants three bulletins etc.etc. What? They want to see if they like the same hymns you do? Silliest thing ever.

The people have spoken: the best thing to happen to a church will be to call you as pastor.

Your boy is adorable.

Kathryn said...

I have hot tv dates with the Dufflepud,nearly 16 now...Meanwhile, what a blissful photo - and can't you just see who's his mum too?
Praying for you as the search goes on - churches like that are just hopeless...If they offer expenses to interviewees, maybe claiming admin help for completing the application might give them a clue...

God_Guurrlll said...

What I'm wondering is who has time to go through all those sermons, annual reports, bulletins of all the candidates. uuggghh.

Mary Beth said...

I'm sure the statement of faith means something that I don't know what. But right now I'm thinking,

1) "I am a Christian," how would that do?

2) we gots some really good Creeds over here, that tend to cover the waterfront, if you want to use them. You could modify (that wouldn't make you a heretic, would it?) ;)

:) Hee hee