Monday, June 02, 2008

Pain in the Grass

Allergies... I moved to where I am now and for the first time I have allergies. Mowed grass in particular gives me a headache and so I have kept track.

Monday - neighbor northwest of driveway mows lawn
Tuesday - neighbor north of driveway mows lawn
Wednesday - neighbor south of driveway mows lawn
Thursday - neighbor north of driveway mows lawn (he's old, so he mows it a lot)
Friday - our lawn is mowed
Saturday - neighbor directly west mows lawn
Sunday - neighbor directly west continues to mow lawn

You would think with a cornfield directly east I would catch a break but the above schedule says otherwise.

Can I move now?


cheesehead said...

Yes you can.

Listing Straight said...

Yes you can.

South maybe?

Anonymous said...

If you moved to the beach... do you think you would have to mow... or just spray some roundup on occasion?

I'd be moving... soon... real soon... and investing heavily in Monsanto stock... because I might not be too far behind you in the move!

Songbird said...

North by Northeast. Seriously.