Monday, June 16, 2008

How Many Ups and Downs Can One Weekend Have?

UP - We survived our 20+ hours of driving and the woman who was once an acquaintance is now a friend.

down - It should have been only 16+ hours of driving.

UP - I now know how to navigate the southern part of Mitten State when the interstate is closed.

UP - Driving the stick shift VW was WAY fun... just a bit more power and handling than my van.
UP - What began as a good idea quickly became a life-giving idea. Not only were we there to support our friend, but her kids (4 and 1) know us and were quite willing to go right with us and out of the various services that were taking place so that our friend could stay.

down - There is a church board in central Mitten State that wastes time sitting in their new building wondering why they are not attracting young families and all of them are too old to think 'playground' or PUT IN A NURSERY!!!! I was using some very rusty children's ministry skills not to mention every food product I had in my purse.

UP - Managed to put a sermon outline together in the car and it went over pretty well.

down - The exhaustion, stress of outline preaching, battle with poison ivy and baggage of Father's Day were apparantly too much for me to handle because I asked a Mom during coffee fellowship if she could begin the sermon in the back because her baby wakes up from her nap in the middle of the sermon every Sunday.
No really Every. Sunday. And of course they insist on sitting in the front.
Finally I said something - pleasantly - but I shouldn't have. I am basically waiting one more hour so I can call her at a socially accepted hour and apologize with hopes that the apology will both be accepted and that the child will be taken out sooner. Of course, I have a hunch that my 'evilness' was very much dissected during Father's Day festivities yesterday.
It is so time for me to leave this place.

UP - Summer camp in the morning for The Boy today and after drop off I will stop by my friend's house because she returned from Mitten State and is taking today off. Our plan is the gym.

down - TOW1 (remember her?) is usually at the gym Monday mornings. I am there too so I am not sure why I am extra worried about it just because another friend is coming too. Can we wear our pink leather jackets and snap our fingers as we get onto the treadmills? (Answer: No, because there shall be no awkward falling in front of TOW1.)

down - My afternoon of my day off will be spent pulling weeds and scrubbing down the front porch because we host a community concert on the church lawn this Saturday. I guess it will be nice to have the homefront looking nice but it always irks just a bit.

UP - I spoke at a worship service at this church on Sunday afternoon and it went really, really well. The only flaw? I might have actually been too funny. Seriously.


more cows than people said...

too funny? is that possible? really?

they better call you...

will smama said...

Yes, I know that sounded a bit uppity but both times I have spoken in that congregation it has been a High Humor occasion. Pretty sure at this point they do not 'see' me as Head of Staff' just as comic relief.

With them, all I am asking for is a chance. Hopefully their committee will read the materials and make the calls that I think clearly show the bigger picture.

God_Guurrlll said...

I get the "too funny" comment. There have been times I have not been taken seriously because I joked around too much. People have a tendancy to pigeon hole people according to their attributes. It seems impossible for people to see us as multi-faceted, for example it is easier for folk to think she's a clown rather than thinking she's a leader with a good sense of humor.

Good luck with your search. I know it can be a hard process.

Peace and love,

Mary Beth said...

That mom and baby need to sit outSIDE, IMHO.

We have a family with 3 littlies that always come in at least 1/2 hour late and insist on sitting in the front row, right in front of the pulpit. Really.

I think you are starting a new movement: "Preachers get to nicely ask for what THEY need, too." It's a farkin' revolution!!!!

Great that you were there for friend, and vice versa.


will smama said...

I have learned a lot of great lessons - some painfully - here at this church and it appears that right before I go God is getting one more in. Basically no matter how 'right' you may be or how 'helpful' you may think you are being, when you are the pastor you cannot make personal judgment calls for others.

It is what it is and I am grateful to have learned it in a smaller setting and pray I will not have to learn it again.

cheesehead said...

1. If they don't call you, they are idiots.

2. I once (very, very early in my ministry) suggested to a couple of young families that they might use the door closest to the nursery and child-sized coat racks to enter the sanctuary LATE every Sunday instead of parading the whole families right through the center of the sanctuary every Sunday during the call to worship. You guessed it. One of the families left the church over it, and the other stayed but was really nasty to me for a while. They saw it as the equal to asking them to sit in the back of the bus. Tough, tough lesson.

3. If they don't call you, they are idiots.

Sue said...

What Cheese said: If they don't call you, they're idiots.

You rock.

Purechristianithink said...

Hmm. Sometimes it works to adopt a vague general policy rather than confront offenders directly. We had a problem similar to the one described by Cheesehead above and started putting, "We invite late arrivers to be seated during the first hymn" in the bulletin and on a nice sign in the narthex on Sunday a.m. It sort of worked, though there are always folks who don't think this applied to them.

Singing Owl said...

People! Whatsa matta with em anyways??

And if they don't call you, they're idiots.

Anonymous said...

The family MB is referring to actually played with a musical toy 6 ft. in front of the pulpit one Sunday throughout my entire sermon - I was sweating and praying ceaselessly for the concentration to keep going... it's very frustrating and not fair to the others there.

Surely the other congregation will see you as a refreshing pastor with a fun sense of humor... and I know your name isn't Shirley... and if they don't call you they're idiots...