Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sweet Salve of Nurture

In my outline for last Sunday's sermon under III.B.2. it says "Sweet Salve of Nurture". If anyone could tell me what the HECK I meant by that, I would greatly appreciate it because as I told the Preacher Party it sounds like a genteel southerner's swear or an Oil of Olay Product. (edited to add that originally I spelled 'genteel': g-e-n-t-i-l-e. Duh.)

Today I told The Boy's teacher that on Thursday he may be showing signs of transition since tdx's significant other was moving in and The Boy would be meeting her tomorrow. She looked appropriately stunned and said, "Wow. That was fast." I just nodded my head yes and then she said, "How are you doing so well with all of this?"
I just kind of mumbled something but I was thinking, "Honey, you have no idea..."

1 sermon, 2 papers and a newsletter to write before I leave Sunday afternoon for a week-long lectionary group. Should be an interesting week for a non-academic like myself.

I have been doing some thinking about co-dependency, what it means, how even the healthy can fall into the trap. I have been doing some thinking about how someone at seminary actually mentioned to me that they felt called to ministry because they like to be needed. I have been wondering if somewhere there is a bumper sticker that says:
Parish Ministry. Where co-dependents are paid to be co-dependent.

Probably not.


esperanza said...

Ah, what a week. May you find some SSON in the midst of it. And, by the way, I love the "God in the details" in your sidebar.

God_Guurrlll said...

LOL on the bumper sticker. I would have to put that one on my car.

Lomagirl said...

I'll be thinking of you and the boy this week. And, I guess, to be completely Christian I should be thinking about the other side of the equation as well. Damn. Okay, I will. After all, that'll help the boy, too.
(I can't remember if I've delurked before. I read you often, amazed by the grace in your life.)

Drew said...

I hope I never see tdx. I would get all big brother like on your behalf, make sure boy was in a happy place, would not be able to shut my trap, and rough his ass up.

The Boy will feel resentment and not be able to understand what that feeling is or means. The best thing you can do is start taking to him about it often as best as you can. When my parents got divorced I never talked through it and never really had the chance. As long as he can articulate what he is feeling and claim it - even at the age of 3, these guys are smart little suckers - he will be OK.

The other thing is consistency. I have no clue what that looks like though. If my parents did anything horribly wrong after their divorce, among other things, was that they used the kids to get back at each other. Pretty much the opposite of good health in our messed up home.

I know where the Boy could be, and I know that he will never be there because he has such a good mom in you. He might stumble, but you will always be there to pick him up, and that's really all kids need in the world to grow up to be wonderful people.

Ruby said...

Man, oh man. You and The Boy will be just fine. Keep talking and taking care of him. You're both just wonderful. XOXOXO

Mary Beth said...

Sorry, first I have to say HAHAHAHAHA LMAOROFLOL about the SSON and Gentile/Genteel. Dang, did I need that today.

(also, laughing at trying to explain my laugher at that to 18 year old Emo boy...not sure if he knows either of those words, sigh.)

Second, WHAT THE F! tdx must be totally loco. I'm with Drew. We're getting the TTOJ tuned up. Praying for The Boy.

Third...don't know if you are referring to me in your God in the details, but it sure does fit. Having you pray for me, ask for prayers for me, check in...helped so much. You rock!

love you! fer reals.

Kathryn said...

Oh goodness...Your ability to reduce me to spluttering hysteria even while you are hurting beyond belief is just amazing.
Sweet salve of nurture! indeed :-)
Have I told you how much I love you recently?
Well, listen, cos I'm telling you now.
The Boy is hugely hugely blessed and will be a shiney star like his mum (indeed I rather suspect he is one here and now)
Oh, and I think I need that bumper sticker :-) xxxxx

Juniper said...

I would TOTALLY get that bumper sticker!
Also, I"m still rooting for the SSON to be on teh next round of RevGals swag...

Rev Nancy Fitz said...

I'm buying the bumper sticker and the SSON t-shirt! I have laughed repeatedly (not always at appropriate times) since the PParty when remembering SSON comment.

My heart hurts when I 'hear' the chimes playing as you talk about dramatic (and perhaps hidden) changes coming far too quickly. W/O knowing you any better, I think you have incredible strength perched on the gift of humor. You and boy are in my prayers.