Friday, April 18, 2008

All-American Girl

A couple of days ago I...

- Deposited my tax refund (only because I could not legally sign it right over to the accountant who is WELL WORTH IT!)

- Voted in my state's primary because I am going to be absent next week.

- Made an illegal left turn because I didn't think that the sign really applied to me. Fortunately, last year's taxes were not enough to pay for a cop there to catch me!


God_Guurrlll said...

You got a refund. I had to pay tons of bucks to uncle sam to cover my FICA.

I've done the illegal turn thing too. I was a traffic cash cow in my old home state. Fortunately the police here haven't caught up with me in my new state.

esperanza said...

A hearty Amen on the accountant, even if we did owe a (teensy) bit.

cheesehead said...

I echo the amen on the accountant. We did owe this year, but she was able to show me exactly why so that the situation could be rectified next year. Worth her weight in gold, she is.

Rev Dr Mom said...

I am so glad that someone advised me in seminary that we could ask our churches to withhold extra $$ to cover FICA. Otherwise I would be so screwed at the end of the year.

And I heartily recommend which also understands clergy taxes. My on-line accountant as it were.

Refunds are a lovely are left turns when you need them :)