Friday, February 01, 2008

Finally... a break.

A few years ago now TDH and I stood in a dealership and discussed AT LENGTH the pros and cons of purchasing an extended warranty on the pre-owned van we were about to purchase. I was very much for it and eventually this is what we did.

Fast forward to today when I was alternately moping and fuming about the house because my admin kicked me out of the office and I had no car and I received a phone call from the dealership where said car was being evaluated:

Her: Ms. Smama, the reason why your check engine light was on is because it needs a new transmission.
Me: (stunned silence as I drop to my knees and try to comprehend the math)
Her: You are covered under the extended warranty so there is no cost.

Not sure where I would have ended up, but an added transmission bill for a light that came on LITERALLY the day I mailed the last payment in, just might have pushed me over a cliff somewhere.

Phew... that was a close one.


Songbird said...

Thanks be to God for giving you good instincts, ws!

reverendmother said...

literally cheering for the universe on your behalf...

Grace, Every Day said...

I'm not sure what to think - is that's God's sense of humor? God reaffirming your good sense as you move into a new phase of life? God reminding you, "Never leaving. Never forsaking."

Either way, I give thanks to God.


cheesehead said...

Sometimes the cosmic jokes are a little too close to the bone to be funny, aren't they?


imngrace said...

Praise be for a clear head and a good decision. Now let's all clap for the extended warranty!

Mary Beth said...

Woot! This is why EVERYONE should listen to WS!

Sue said...

You SO deserve this break sweetie! I'm doing the Tiger arm pump for you as soon as I'm finished typing.


St. Casserole said...

I believe in those extended warranty thingies, too. If Songbird hadn't reasoned me into buying one for my camera, I'd be carrying around a broken useless mess.

Glad it worked out for you.

Geez, close call!

IdentityMixed said...

My dad always told me that if I spent more than $250 on something, I should buy the extended warranty. I think the van falls in that category!