Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Higher Power

Really, ANY power would be good as the electric companies 'worst case scenario' for when our power would be back on is now THE scenario. Sweet.
I do plan on having church on Sunday morning no matter WHAT - byob (blanket).

I can't decide if my brain is numb or if I am finally a veteran of the holiday season or if I am in for a serious awakening but I am just not panicked... yet. True, I am looking at 3 services beginning Friday. The bulletins for all three are in various stages of done... with the Christmas Eve bulletin for 2007 not even touched yet but really, those Carols tend not to change words from year to year.

Here are some things that have been good:
My Christmas shopping is done. No really. I can't believe it either. I was waiting for a couple of things to fall into place so that I could finish and lo and behold the things I 'needed' were right there in the stores I hoped to find them. C'mon... that is another FESTIVUS miracle!

On Sunday as The Boy, The Dog and I were driving into town a car almost plowed into us, but decided that Sunday was not 'Ignore Your Red Light Day' after all. Considering I had JUST mailed the last van payment I am pretty sure that NOT getting hit was the mark of a serious shift in my karma/mojo/rain o' crap parade.

The Boy, always The Boy. So flexible and relaxed and easy-going and sweet and cuddly and fun.

Did I mention I am done Christmas shopping?

Just received a call, they have actually spotted work trucks in our area. Dare I dream the impossible dream?

Stay tuned....


Songbird said...

May your dreams come true!! And soon!!!

Sue said...

You are quite right about those Christmas Eve services. Service bulletin or not, as long as folks can come and sing their Christmas faves and hear Luke (that's what Christmas is all about Charlie brown), they're good to go.

Here's hoping all those dreams come true!

Anonymous said...

Hoping for power, higher and lower!

Cathy said...

I love the comment that the words don't generally change on the carols.

However I am really hoping and praying you all get any power, higher, lower and via media!

Kathryn said...

Thinking empowering thoughts ;-) - and awestruck re the Christmas shopping! Bravo :-)

Rev Dave said...

Are you doing a longest night service on Friday? I'm trying one here and I'd love to see what you did and hear how it went with you.