Thursday, December 27, 2007

Designer Tree

Because I am so clearly all about arbor fashion and interior design, I am frequently asked what ARE the best dressed trees wearing this year. It is a fair question and although you won't find this tree in any department store or Main Street window, I do think you will agree that it is on the cutting edge.

We will begin at the top where you will see a large sized teddy bear. This bear and another white one below it have been pushed into the branches so that they are sitting comfortably and able to look out on all of the frivolity below. Around the upper bear you will also note glass ornaments. These ornaments are usually placed in order to reflect the light and this year, they are placed in order to keep the Tree Czar safely away from them.

Who is the Tree Czar? Well, every well-dressed tree has one. He or she is the one who dictates what shall and shall not be placed on the tree. Their mood can change on a whim and they can frequently be found harvesting what they seem to have just put on the tree. In the case of my Tree Czar this was particularly appropriate since his favorite ornaments are plastic apples that he cleverly places on and off the tree depending on the mood.

You will also note a smattering of hand-made ornaments featuring the face of our Tree Czar. These are essentials and will be carefully stored and reused every year.

There are additional touches including strands of beads and a couple of random balls placed in and amongst the branches but NO TREE is complete without....

a little red, fuzzy thing.


The day before Christmas and a friend was standing with my Mom in our living room and realized there was a red fuzzy on her back. She kindly removed it... and the placed it on the tree.
We laughed hysterically as we attempted to determine why she thought the tree was a proper trash receptacle and then quickly decided that this was indeed not just any red fuzzy but was in fact:The Official Red Christmas Tree Fuzzy, 2007 edition.

We shall cherish it forever.... and the Tree Czar has approved its use.


cheesehead said...

Clearly every fashionable tree has a Red Fuzzy.

I think your tree is perfect. Long Live the Czar!

Anonymous said...

Does the czar travel? Perhaps you could hire him out next year?

leah sophia said...

tree czar--how funny! really lovely tree, though. many many many blessings for epiphany and all of 2008..

revabi said...

Yes, I see that it is indeed the best dressed tree. The Tree Czar at your house did a great job, even having the little red fuzzy ball placed appropriately.

Tatusko Family said...

The toddler tree is the BEST. Our little guy realized that Mommy was putting all the really important ornaments at the top. As a result, he keeps taking off the ones from the bottom and asking them to be put at the top. So.... we have a tree with almost all the ornaments at the top. Very cute.

sherry said...

We have a Christmas Carrot. It was once a piece of orange construction paper that was used to perfect the fine motor skills of cutting, coloring and using a hole punch.

There was a crisis this year when the Christmas Carrot was missing. Lo and Behold, another box of "ornaments" were found hiding in a corner of the attic.

Kathryn said...

Pity those of us with inferior trees without a Red Fuzzy Thing of our own...we can only look on in awestruck admiration and delight.
Oh, I do miss toddler trees

Michele R said...

Now you have to find a proper receptacle in which to store The Office Red Christmas Tree Fuzzy, 2007 edition. Because you know, these things are very fragile, and can't be stored just anywhere.

Mark Smith said...

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