Monday, November 12, 2007

One Day at a Time: The Next Day

Well I talked to TDH last night and asked him, "Are we really going through with this?"
His response? "With what?"
"This! Separation, divorce."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, are you still seeing TOW2?"
"............ yes."

Hello! If you are still pursuing a relationship with someone else then the answer to the divorce question is clearly, "Yes!" Grrrrrrrr. At least it worked to get me angry with him again. This is NOT a guy I want to be married to. I lose sight of that easily because even though he does all of these things he makes no move towards divorce. I had to hire the lawyer, I am the one who actually filed - and so it starts creeping in my head that I am rushing things rather than working on them. Now I have this post to go back to whenever I need reminding that I am not the problem here.

And isn't SHE getting a gem? The guy won't even make any moves himself to get out of his current relationship so he can be with her.
Good luck honey. I wish I could be there when it finally clicks in your young head that this is NOT the Prince Charming you had always painted him out to be.

I was planning on waiting until the divorce was final to change his nickname here (TDH=Tall, Dark and Husband) but it might help me to do it sooner. I have a lot of ideas and I can only imagine some of your suggestions but to keep it simple I could just go with TDX-ish (the 'ish' only until the divorce).

In the midst of ALL of this chaos and turmoil The Boy has had a major break through! Last night he would NOT let me put a diaper on him to go to bed and when I finally gave up he walked over to the potty and peed in the potty!!! Yeah!!!!!

So today, we are staying close to home... and familiar potties. Truthfully he has been moving towards ready, I have been the problem. When I saw him reading the book, How to Get Your Mommy Ready for Potty Training I knew it was time.

Thus concludes my cold and rainy Monday morning report.

Respectfully Submitted,
Will Smamma


Preacher Mom said...

TDS - Tall, Dark, and Stupid

I know this is a horrible roller coaster time for you. Hang in there.

And congrats to The Boy for such wonderful progress! You go, Will!

will smama said...

Preacher Mom, I think I love you.

Songbird said...

She does rock.
And so does your boy.

IdentityMixed said...

Oh, I do like TDS!

And have your boy come talk to mine about that potty.

ppb said...

TDS works for me.
Fortunately, the stupid gene does not appear to have passed down to his son!

Michele R said...

TDS is perfect. Or TDOH - Tall Dark and Out of Here. Plus, you get that Homer Simpson-ish "Doh!"

And while familiar potties are helpful, I found that my boys always liked to try out their new-found skill at unfamiliar potties - like at the grocery store or WalMart, etc.

Towanda said...

I was thinking TDDA -- tall, dark, and dumb-ass. But TDS works too.

Hooray for the boy!

Lorna said...

Yay for superson. Less said about TDS the better I think

hang in there - keep rowing or hand over the oar to one of us ...

St. Inuksuk said...

When your shoulders don't seem big enough to deal with everything, remember our shoulders together are wide enough!
Stay your course.
Congrats on the Boy's progress!!!

cheesehead said...

Your boy is awesome!

Tall, Dark, and Stupid? Well, 'nuff said.

Wyldth1ng said...

My folks told me I liked to pee on tires the most, that might too out there, but it holds another option.

Shawna Renee said...

Yeah for the The Boy!

I like TDS as well. Hang in there will smama.

Anonymous said...

TDS - Totally Dumb and Stupid. Does that work for you? Hang in there... when it gets closer to being done (cause I don't know that it's ever over)... I'll give you some initials that I friend of mine uses for her ex... that may work for you too.

revrosa said...

]* I wish it were not necessary, but I am glad for you that you can draw from the well of anger to keep moving forward. You deserve

Presbyfruit said...

Big hug to you, and your peeing little one!

I like TDS and TDDA.

AKMA said...

All along, I thought it was "The D-mn Husband."

ruth.everhart said...

just experimenting to see if I can leave a comment this time. Always having troubles with it.

Althea N. Agape said...

You didn't choose this. You cannot control his behavior. You can only mourn your dreams and protect the boy from the worst of the fallout. Listen to the Spirit's word for you in this and take care of yourself.

We're praying for you.

April said...

Well, in my mind I've been referring to him with a very ungracious title since you began this whole process. I've kind of felt bad about it, but it may work for you, too. Starts with F -- two syllables, rhymes with The Plucker. Descriptive in more than one way. Feel free to use, if you'd like...

LadyBurg said...

Yes, TDS is good - very good.

Way to go to the Boy! He's a smart one. You know, its got to be more fun to learn to pee when you are a little boy. Just a thought.

Jiff said...

Always and always, blessings to you, strong, fine person!

Magdalene6127 said...


(((WS))), U R awesome.


AND another great word verification:



mid-life rookie said...

Trust your instincts as a mother and with TDS or TDUS (Tall, Dark, and Unbelievably Stupid). You are doing great at both! Hang in there. Praying in cyberspace.

Crimson Rambler said...

There was a time when I referred to mine as URB. It stood for Unconscionable Rat-Bastard. I thought maybe the "Unconscionable" lent dignity to the rest of it. When in doubt, pile on more syllables, is my game.
sending you many hugs.