Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Celebration of Discipline: 2007 Edition

I have been trying to problem solve some of our more stressful times together as mother and toddler son. The mornings of the work week certainly are a highly sensitive area and so I have begun two practices:

1) I have set my alarm for 30 minutes before The Boy on average gets up. I have an iPod alarm clock so it plays decent music, no blaring tone, and it means that even though it is earlier I am waking up on my own terms and not to, "Mommy, downstairs please. Juice please. Mommy!" So far this has made a difference. Has it made a difference to Nighttime Me as far as getting to bed earlier? In a word? No. Dadgum Jon Stewart and his Daily Show.

2) No computer in the morning. This is one I had committed to before but you know how it goes. You think, "Well, I'll just check email real quick" and then that turns into "Well, I'll just respond real quick" and for me that sadly can become "oooh, I can blog that real quick" - it's a vicious circle.

The mornings clearly g0 better without it on. The Boy gets far more of my attention and I am able to accomplish some of the things I am just too fried at night to do. It is a no brainer. What startled me this morning was how many times I thought, "Oh, I should go turn on the computer." I had NO idea what a habit it had become. I have purposefully left it at work in the evenings before and nary had a second thought about it. But in the morning it had definitely become part of the routine. I'm glad I caught that.

Alright, back to the Thanksgiving Eve sermon which right now is certainly long enough to preach but says just about nothing.



Drew said...

iPod alarm clock. Nice. Although that would prompt me to stay in bed and have freakish dreams in and out of sleep. I used to wake up to The Greaseman on DC101 in high school. The song "Beds Are Burning" by Midnight Oil created some odd dreams that totally distorted reality for me. I was always late for school too.

Happy thanksgiving.

will smama said...

It is nice. I should have known when TDH gave it to me for my birthday that he was feeling guilty for something since although it was the only thing I asked for, it was certainly out of his normal gift price range.

Michele R said...

Maybe sometimes we SHOULD look a gift horse in the mouth?

Crimson Rambler said...

OHHHHh you are so right about the computer as a false-friend (aider and abetter?)to procrastinators

LadyBurg said...

You are so good. I need to monitor my use too but don't. I want your alarm clock!

Wyldth1ng said...