Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sports Update

I had my reasons for giving up my obsession with professional and D-I football. So far, so good. Have I watched? Sure. No college, some pro. It will be on in the background on Sunday afternoons and I did check in on my team last night when the baseball game was on commercial. But so far, no more obsession.

One of the major reasons for that was that I don't want The Boy playing football and with paralysis, a broken eye socket, broken femurs and torn acl's on the list of NFL injuries already this year, I gotta say I'm still ok with that decision.

As avid of a fan as I am for only one beloved NFL team, my baseball fandom is a lot less obsessed. Some would say 'bandwagon-ish'. I grew up a HUGE fan of the blue and white pinstripes. When Reggie left and Dave arrived my young heart that did not yet understand free agency was torn. I remained a fan, but I also just love the game. And so frequently you can find me rooting for the underdog... or at least the team that hasn't won the big one in awhile.

This love continued as I enjoyed going to Spring Training games during my 10 year stay in Fallic Southern State. At my last stop in said state the mayor went to our church and she had many lovely connections not the least of which was free baseball tickets that she was able to give away to one very interested Youth Director.

This team is currently in the ALCS. This team has not won the big one in a long time AND is playing the team of my youth's nemesis. So it would seem like a no brainer to root for this team.

Yet, the last time this team was in the World Series was twelve years ago. Their victories and defeats were a big part of the conversations and plans I made with the man I was dating at the time. And now we are planning our divorce.

And so I am rooting against them because next week when I can stay up as late as the baseball games go I would like to watch the World Series with no memories attached.

It just is what it is.


will smama said...

6-0 in the 5th. Sheesh, even baseball karma is against me.

Towanda said...

You can always root for the ROCKIES!!


Hieromonk Don Pardo said...

Wait, now I'm confused.

You want Cleveland to win because it has not won the big one in a long time AND is playing the team (Boston) of my youth's (Yankees') nemesis. Right?

And then the score in the 5th inning was 6-0 in favor of Cleveland. Right?

So why is baseball karma against you when the team you're rooting for was winning (and indeed, won) the game???

(Playing along at home but lacking a ws scorecard, apparently....)

will smama said...

hdp - I think the last three paragraphs clarify.

Hieromonk Don Pardo said...

Oh, yes they sure do, now that I re-read them. Thanks for enlarging the font on the scorecard!

I know what you mean about wanting to watch the World Series with no memories attached. I'd love to forget about the fact that it's been 99 years since the Chicago Cubs have played.

At my age, though, I guess I shouldn't object to those few memories I can still summon...on occasion! :-)