Saturday, September 22, 2007

NOW He Communicates

Just finished spending 5 + hours talking to TDH about everything ranging from 'why?' to 'what now?' Turns out we really are done which just seems so unfair since as I told him it is like I lost a game where I was only put in to play for the last 5 seconds... and I was already down 100-2.

Some helpful things to know:
- It seems there really was nothing else I could have done.
- He gets how terribly he has treated me and how absolutely insane he has acted.
- The Boy remains his number 1 priority.
- He cried. I did not.
- It looks like splitting assets is not going to be an issue.
- I think we are going to be able to do this as collaboratively as possible.

Some not so helpful things to know:
- TOW2 is moving from Fallic Southern State to neighboring state next weekend (grrrrrrrr). Although she will still be 5 hours away and he is not allowed to take The Boy out of state that still ticks me off.
- Who is paying for what car may become an issue.

A sad thing to recognize:
- The final nail has been officially hammered into the coffin. It is time to get this process done.


ppb said...

Aw, will.
Your analogy of being put in at the end of the losing game is apt. The whole thing just deeply, profoundly and utterly sucks. With sprinkles.

I'm deeply, utterly, and profoundly impressed with you, though. You are truly grace under fire. But I wish you didn't have to be.

Jane Ellen+ said...

Nothing is ever perfect, or easy... but your list of "helpful things" has some good things on it, and I'm thankful that is true for you.


more cows than people said...


blessings as all continues to unfold.


Katharine O'Moore-Klopf said...

He gets how terribly he has treated me and how absolutely insane he has acted.

That's something. From what I hear, only a few exes ever get to that point. (And mine never did.) That he has done so should speed up getting the process done, though it won't necessarily make it less painful.

Praying still for you and The Boy.

Sue said...


Songbird said...

You already know how sorry I am you are in this place. You continue to astound me with your bravery.

DogBlogger said...



and ]* for good measure.

Preacher Mom said...

This stuff is so crappy and so unfair. I hate it!

I pray that you will get through the technicalities of this ordeal with the same grace you have shown so far, and that it will indeed remain 'friendly' and easily settled.

When it comes to the Boy and TOW2 - stand your ground. He does not need to have the opportunity to form any sort of attachment to someone who may very well be here today and gone tomorrow. Not to mention that it is way. too. soon. Shoot. It may still be too soon in 10 years!

Can you tell that I've been there!

Prayers, prayers, and more prayers!

net said...

So very sorry that this is happening to you and the Boy. I echo the sentiments that you are truly a gracious person!

(((WS & the Boy)))

Kathryn said...

I truly am proud to know you...your grace in all this is astounding and I just pray that from this point healing can begin for you and The Boy.
Much much love xxx

RevHRod said...

I was amused by your Clooney comments last night and now I am amazed at how well you are keeping your sense of humor in tact. You are in my prayers.

Towanda said...

( *[ ]* )


revrosa said...

Just wow. How blessed The Boy is to have you for a mom. How blessed the rest of us are by your grace and strength.


Purechristianithink said...

Sometimes "there's nothing more I could have done" is the most helpful info there is.

esperanza said...

"I'm so sorry" seems so inadequate. But I am. Prayers will continue...

Identity Mixed said...

Who IS this person? Geesh... hugs to you.

omg... my word verification is "geekify"!!!!

Magdalene6127 said...

Sorry, WS, I'm a hugger, not a chucker: (((WS))).

I just want to say, again, I have been through something very, very like what you are going through, and it sucks, and there is life at the other end of the tunnel. At about the point you are in the process, I leaned very hard and heavy on some good friends and some anti-depressants, just for a little while, and all that helped.

You continue to be in my prayers.


Mary beth said...

Ugh. Glad it's moving on. Ugh.

lorna said...

(o) hang in there sis

zorra said...

I am so sorry.
Prayers continue.