Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MS Ride

Well, the schedule pretty much got obliterated by weeks 2/3 but one thing remains the same. My friend and many of your friends and loved ones still have MS.

So, on Saturday I ride. Would you like to help the cause? Please click on the link: MS Ride

Peace, friends.


Songbird said...


DogBlogger said...

Also done!

(This makes the third state in which I've made an MS event donation this year -- one walk and two bike rides!)

Ride, Will Smama, ride!

will smama said...

Wow! Seriously generous - thank you.

Leah Sophia said...

I just did it, too--thanks so much for riding!

Mark Smith said...


At one point, they thought my mother might have MS. It turns out it was a heart issue instead (which has been fixed).

cheesehead said...