Monday, March 05, 2007

Don't Worry, I'm Used to It

And now back to the antics of Random Thought Woman.

On Sunday morning I was where the kids gather before they go to Sunday School class. My mother usually has this honor, but she was away this past weekend (something about having another daughter) so I was The Boy's chaperone. Random Thought Woman came into the room and made a comment that the chairs weren't set up yet. I moved to the stack of chairs that had been left by the Head Start program that uses our facilities through the week. RTW told me we weren't allowed to use those chairs.

Now, I was in on this arrangement with Head Start from the beginning and part of the deal is that we get to use their stuff on Sundays. So with a smile I told her that we were allowed to use them. She frowned shook her head 'no' and redirected folks to get chairs that were further down the hall.

I dropped it.

However, I couldn't resist when a guy walked in who had also been in on that decision and I said, please tell RTW that we can use the Head Start chairs. He of course responded in the affirmative and she said, "Oh we can - okay then, go get them."

I was suprised that it didn't bother me, really I found it funny, because it wasn't that he is male and I am female.. it is because he is from "around here" and no matter how long we stay, I will never be.

And finally I am okay with that.


Alex said...

Good grief. But I *know* your story is true. There's nothing like living in Other-bama to remind you of who you're not. Hugs.

Songbird said...

Good for you!

Lorna said...

like her nick-name :)

St. Casserole said... RTW.

Glad you don't have to be the authority on EVERYTHING.

so many churches have either a RTW or RTM or both...

Susie said...

Wow, you've made such quick work of acceptance. I'm so impressed - and irked on your behalf.

ppb said...

First, yay! this is the first blogger blog that has let me comment all week!
Second, oh do I know what you mean....I was there 6 years and continued to be called "new".

Listing Straight said...

I think you have to leave to be called the old pastor.

will smama said...

Susie, your 'quick work' comment made me laugh since I have been here over 5 years and my hands off approach is fairly new and greatly aided by the fact that I trust the leadership here far more than I ever did before (or could).

And oh yes, when you leave you are told all of the things that if they had said in the first place you would have never left!