Saturday, February 10, 2007

Friday Five: Abbreviated American Idol Edition

My son is still sick... nasty sick and so as much as I LOVE this edition of Friday Five which you can find in its full version with its many links at revgalblogpals, I just cannot take the time to do the full thing (not to mention it is no longer Friday).

So I picked my favorite question... or maybe my favorite answer:
4) If I could sing a dream duet it would be with ___________.
Public answer: Josh Groben
Real answer: Justin Timberlake


Songbird said...

I must just be too old to get it. (Not the picture; that i get.)

Girl said...

SB..that picture is not the REAL attraction...have you seen the sexyback video?

will smama said...

I was just trying to be cute. If I were with church folks in this discussion I would say mature things like I would like to be Barbra Streisand and sing with Josh Groben.

But my real friends know that I really want to do one of those sexy duets with Justin Timberlake (give or take the wardrobe malfunction) and be Cher.

Alex said...

I hope your son feels better soon!

ppb said...

I think you look a lot like Cher. "If I could turn back time..."h

Teri said...

thinking of you...hope you feel better!

LadyBurg said...

Have you seen the Saturday Night live skit from which that picture is taken? Almost laughed my pants off. Its on YouTube. "_______ in a Box"

Hope the little man is better soon!

will smama said...

Oh yes, ladyburg - those video shorts are the only good thing going on at SNL these days.

Did any of you see how good I looked singing with Mr. JT tonight at the Grammy's.

Bet y'all didn't know I was a 90 pound black girl.

cheesehead said...

"Step one: get yourself a box
Step two: put your (bleep) in that box"

I never get tired of that song...

Yes, I'm twelve.

will smama said...

Thank you Cheesehead! The brilliance was that they actually had choreography for those steps.

One: Put a hole in a box.
Two: Put your junk in that box.
Three: Have her open the box...

And the women in that video were HIGH-larious.

thank you for joining me in my late adolescence.