Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ethics: Speed Edition

"What would you do?"

A customer rushes into Walmart with a sick child at home. She grabs a couple of items and asks for and receives what she came for - a special item from behind the counter of the pharmacy - medicine for her child.

The check-out lines are busy and finally it is her turn. The woman places her 5 items on the belt and the cashier flies them over the sensor.

Hearing the odd beep the cashier runs the last product she had in her hand over the sensor again.

Looking at the screen both costumer and cashier realize now that item has been charged twice. The cashier removes the error and runs the last item through.


The customer immediately realizes what happened. The medicine is what caused the weird sound from the register, not the product that had been rung in twice. There must not be a bar code on the medicine. The medicine itself would make the bill at least three times more.

All of this is figured out by the costumer in the matter of a second. Her decision happens in the next second...

What would you do?


more cows than people said...

umm... i'd alert the cashier right away. though on the way out the door i'd be wondering why i'm always so ethical.

esperanza said...

Yep, I'm with more cows on both counts. Because if I didn't, I would be stricken with guilt everytime I drove by or went into that Walmart. And every time I thought about it. And every time I took the medicine. No, I don't have a problem letting things go, what makes you ask?

reverendmother said...

I'd never be there in the first place because Walmart Is Evil.

But seriously.

I would alert her to the problem. And wish in that moment that the universe was governed by karma rather than grace.

Teri said...

this is totally off topic (though I agree with everything said above, including RMs comment about not shopping at wal-mart...).

How did you make your comments thing say something besides "3 comments"? I am trying to make our worship blog say something like "comment here" or something, but cannot for the life of me figure out the code. That's right, I'm a code wuss. And you're the only blogger blogger I read who has something different there. email me...teri at rclpc dot org. Thanks!

cheesehead said...

I'd tell her what the deal was.

Then out in the parking lot I'd vow to never again patronize the "corporate ass-hattery" that is Walmart, as Wondergirl says.

But I would, prolly. Because they are 1 mile from home, versus the closest crunchy pharmacy that is 7 miles away. Inconvenient truth, and all.

Lorna said...

sick child at home ... I'd also feel really guilty if by telling her it then took an age to rectify

(It'd never happen here - you pay for prescription meds at the pharmacy counter! And without an official receipt you can't get the insurance back anyway)