Monday, January 29, 2007

I Think I Have an Opinion on That One

I leave in a couple of hours for a retreat involving this Presbytery's Uber Committee, a committee that I have WAY too much responsibility on. I will not return until tomorrow afternoon. One of the questions on the docket is should we do this 'retreat' any more.



Alex said...

We Presbyterians are such overachievers when it somes to meetings. I hope you survive.

Songbird said...

I miss you already!

reverendmother said...

Yeah. I am all about intentionality and making sure that meetings are not just about bidness, and that they are spiritually nourishing as well as fruitful... but I am SO OVER retreats and unnecessarily long meetings. Any church group that takes me away from the chillins unnecessarily is officially On Notice.

Case in point: I leave Friday for a weekend session retreat.

will smama said...

Well, the overwhelming majority think the retreat is necessary and so I said that I would like to be able to bring my family.

Okay, they all said.


Quotidian Grace said...

Dang them for being so reasonable!

Seriously, I second your emotion.

Listing Straight said...

Damn! Usually the thought of a small child running around makes them cave. I can't believe they called your bluff.

I agree about meetings that take you away from chillun. They suck.

St. Casserole said...

I guess I made my point about long meetings when I hauled our children to presbytery meetings (gosh! they started offering babysitting!), any other long community meetings and even City Council meetings. I assumed that all church activities were for the people of God and so I brought the "newest" people.

Rats, off topic. Sorry

I agree that we meet for too long and too often.
and, you work too hard. I mean it.

We miss you already.

will smama said...

The tough part is that even folks my age or folks with children in similar age don't always agree. The guys are especially bad at this - what happened to all the renaissance men I kept hearing about?