Wednesday, January 31, 2007

4 Signs of the Apocalypse

1) I made homemade play dough -including coloring - for my son's birthday party.

2) I have agreed to have a birthday party for my 2 year old.

3) I am working on my sermon on a Wednesday.

4) The carill-still very much-on just played Here I am Lord... again.


Songbird said...

Honey. You are so right.

ppb said...

Are you inviting other 2 year olds to that party? on purpose?h

Listing Straight said...

You are going to have a GREAT time!

Do you know how cheap play-dough is? Little Listing likes it when it is "moist and supple." I'll give you one guess who taught her to say that.

juniper68 said...

LOL and spitting milk out my nose about the whole "moist and supple" thing.

That will be one fun party. I'll be toasting you from the west coast...

will smama said...

I know play-dough is cheap, but I want it in ABUNDANCE and I want to put glitter in some of it.

Worse, is that I just returned from buying filler for gift bags.

Who AM I?

Listing Straight said...

Ha ha. I AM FUNNY!
Everyone at my Stephen Ministry Leader table thinks so.

Oh. I'm needy too.

Yes. I've done gift bags too, even though I said I would never. You'll be okay because you'll have a GREAT time.