Friday, December 08, 2006

RevGalBlogPal Friday Five: Christmas Carol Edition

The revgals are at it again! This time the theme is Christmas carols:

1. A favorite 'secular' Christmas song.
Carol of the Bells and The Christmas Song (you know, 'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...). That latter one was the first adult Christmas song I knew by heart and when I went to sing my newborn son a lullaby I panicked and it was the only thing I could come up with so I sang it... in February.

2. Christmas song that chokes you up (maybe even in spite of yourself--the cheesier the better)
Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant and I'll be Home for Christmas by the Carpenters. Karen just sings out that thing so earnestly that even if I am just out running errands when I hear it I think that I MUST get home as melodramatically as possible!!!

3. Christmas song that makes you want to stuff your ears with chestnuts roasted on an open fire.
I believe we've covered this one.

4. The Twelve Days of Christmas: is there *any* redeeming value to that song? Discuss.
There is, but you have to be creative. When I was growing up the church youth group choir led a Sunday evening Christmas-sing-along and one of our traditions was to stand up and hold the numbers as everyone sang through the song. Very fun. Also, just this past Sunday the youth group here went on a video scavenger hunt and one of their tasks was to catch on tape - in playback order - twelve different people singing the lines of the song. The results were hilarious!

And finally, if it weren't for his song then we wouldn't have the Bob and Doug McKenzie's rendition

5. A favorite Christmas album
Well, with a little help from my friends I am getting into Sufjan Stevens this Christmas.


PPB said...

The Christmas song is my fave, too.

Anonymous said...

Great choices, WS!

"Shut the fireplace up..." heheh, I love it.

Somehow I had blocked the poison of "Feliz Navidad" from my brain, and it is now an earworm.


Songbird said...

You are just the smartest and the funniest. I am loving my Sufijan CD set, complete with the stickers and guitar chords. I may even tune my guitar.
(And my first child's first panicked lullaby? Black Socks.)

will smama said...

Admittedly I have been streaming it all day… good stuff although I am not kidding about the banjo.

TheoOnTapintheBurg said...

I am soooo proud of you! You'll love Sufjan! If not, I'll take the entire album off your hands....I'm such a good friend.

Listing Straight said...

How do you so consistently have such brilliant posts?

will smama said...

ls, just because you speak the obvious truth that in no way lets you off the hook for moving away from me.

Sue said...

Ah yes, Bob and Doug, Canada's pride.

I had not heard of Sufjan...looks interesting.

Shawna Renee said...

We always used to try to act out the 12 Days of Christmas while singing it, and that is an absolute hoot as well.

And your Felize Navidad post is great. I'm glad I'm not the only whose nerves that song gets on.

juniper68 said...

I got that SS album and I am loving it so much!