Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fret to the World!

The short version: A young family fairly new to the church needed help with their mortgage refinancing. Due to them both being out of work at the same time they missed a couple of mortgage payments and needed to have a 'loan modification'. This modification required a hefty up front downpayment of $2000. They had $1100.

I did all of the background checks. They are legit. The request is legit. And forclosure on their home was scheduled for - I kid you not - December 23rd.

We contacted local organizations - no one helps with mortgage, only rent (We can discuss that disturbing trend at another time). Our church's own mission fund only approves $500 p/year. They asked if they could borrow the $400 and pay us back in January to get them to that $2000 total they needed.

I asked our stew/fin person. I begged. I pleaded. Her big concern is what if we do not get that $400 back? We are VERY tight on budget, but let's face it - whether I got it from a kind-hearted parishioner or we dug into our plus funds from previous years or asked our own fundraising committee for it, we could somehow get it if we needed it.

On Sunday I preached on the joy of giving. By this time she had seen all of the paperwork and new it was all above board and legit. We had just saved someone's home... for Christmas... for the mere price of $400. But there was no joy for her, only fret.

My heart weeps for this woman who is so focused on fretting over the bottom line, that she has failed to see the joy.


Songbird said...

I'm so glad you were able to help them!

PPB said...

I'm totally impressed that you did that. I think it's cool.

PPB said...

Okay, I just have to add that the verification code for my last post---loanz---what are the chances?

will smama said...

ppb and sb, thanks for your kind words. I know it is what everyone would do, so the point of the post is not to have all of you pat me on the back.

I do wonder what kind of giving would allow this woman to feel the joy as God intended it.

Kathryn said...

Poor her, indeed...that awful sense of insecurity...there won't be enough to go round if we give now...oh, you are right that it's really sad, but I fear that it's also rather too common.
I do love the fact that the help was manageable - what a difference your churh has made to that family. Just lovely :-)

reverendmother said...

Good for y'all.

Mark Smith said...

At the stewardship services this year (wherein the pastor and guest speakers exhort us to give) we were told to "give recklessly" - to go beyond our comfort zone and take a radical step to help. I think the text was the widow's mites - how she gave all she had.

It sounds like the concept might have helped you.

Remember that there are also angels on the Internet, who can help only when they know that help is needed.

Anonymous said...

Ah, poor woman. Lord, could you break through with JOY for her?

Glad for the family though. :-)

PPB said...

No, WS, it's not what everyone would do. But most pastors wouldn't. Possibly including me--having never soloed a small church, I don't know, but it seems like you spent a lot of time, a lot of energy, and extended a risk for a family that you don't know like the back of your hand. I think that's awesome.
I think what you did was extraordinary, and will probably be remembered by that family forever. The fact that you think everybody would do it---well that just shows how cool you are.

Songbird said...

What the polar bear said.