Monday, November 13, 2006

Say What?

Today at a quarter 'til way too early two painters showed up to paint the inside of the house. So far my favorite part of the morning has been the following conversation with burly painter #2:

Burly Painter #2: I have the paint written down for the downstairs and for the upstairs except for the master bedroom - what are we painting in there?
WS: Oh... you don't have that one?
Burly Painter #2: No... (looks again on his clipboard) no, he didn't write it down.
WS: Well, I know the number, it's 6667.
Burly Painter #2: Oh... do you know the name?
WS: Ummm, don't you guys usually just use the number.
Burly Painter #2: Well, I like to have both just so there are no mistakes. Do you remember the name of what you are painting the bedroom?
WS:.... afterglow.

I might never leave this corner of the living room again.


Songbird said...


reverendmother said...

[joining songbird with the childish snickering]

Preacher Mom said...

NO WAY!! That is too good!

[Giggling with the other RGBPs]

cheesehead said...


Cause I'm, like, y'know, twelve.

ppb said...

Did the session approve of this paint color? Or is it your house?

will smama said...

Good question ppb - it is not always considered 'our' house in that we have had to ask permission for the weirdest things (but that is another post all together.

Last year we would have had to ask color permission. Because of the changeover in leadership this year we don't.

And I tried to use this money for a nursery attendant instead but this is what it was designated for by a now deceased donator, so this is what we are getting... and truly, it needs it.

TheoOnTapintheBurg said...

I'd like to paint every room in my house that color! Nice job!

Preacher Mom said...

I am glad that you are getting a pick-me-up at your house. All the walls in the manse where I live are white. Sterile, non-imaginative white. All except for the kitchen, which is wallpapered in a pattern we got to choose eight years ago and the bathrooms which have unbelievably ugly tile: one a cross between seafoam green and seasick green; the other a strange shade of gray. I confess to a sinful level of envy anytime I visit a pleasantly painted/decorated home. Maybe one day . . .

the reverend mommy said...

Nice color.

I'll keep my snickering to myself.
(he he he)