Friday, November 17, 2006

Revgalblogpals Friday Five: Giving Thanks Edition

As posted by Songbird...

It's that time of year. In the U.S., college students will be on their way home, traffic on the highways will be at its highest point, cooking and baking will ensue. But before the gorging and napping begins, let's take a moment to give thanks.

Please tell us five things or people for which you are thankful this year.

1) Throughout the year when we do things like this I chide my fellow bloggers when they list family members. I mean duh, of course you are thankful for (fill in the blank). However, it cannot be stated strongly enough - I am SO thankful for TDH.

2) For my son. There is a lot of second guessing the wisdom of being an older parent. But one perk for me is I know I am much more grateful and attentive to the small joys that we experience with him than I might have been when I was younger. I give thanks constantly for this little man in my life.

3) The friends I have that I can be myself with. In this job, those moments are few and far between where I can be myself and laugh and joke hard. And when they happen I cherish them.

4) My Mom. One of the purest joys in life is watching your parent with your child... (not to mention knowing you've moved up the list because FINALLY you gave her a grandchild!) We are so lucky to have her nearby, not just because of the free babysitting but because The Boy gets to experience that really cool connection.

5) Da Beach... absence sure does make the heart grow fonder as when I grew up near it I took it for granted. Now my times there are absolutely cherished and refuel my soul in every sense of the word.

What are you thankful for?


Sally said...

a fellow beach lover- I love the beach. Wonderful post- echoing that thing about friends- it is so important to have someone to be yourself with!

Songbird said...

I love the sound of the ocean, and the smell of the sea air. Unfortunately, since my husband grew up hear it, he takes it for granted and has no interest in an oceanside vacation. Bummer.

Preacher Mom said...

To your list I say, Amen and amen!

will smama said...

Well, it's a good thing I wrote this in the morning because at the end of today I had to leave a 3/4 full beer behind and bring a cold burger home with me as we experienced a public meltdown over a lost green crayon.

Anonymous said...

I. love. the. beach. It's my favorite place to pray... breathing with the waves... (breathe in. breathe out.)

Ahhhh.... I feel better already. :)


the reverend mommy said...

Poor guy. I remember leaving a plate of shrimp scampi and a glass of wine over a busted balloon.
I give thanks that you are a part of our Cyber community. You made me think of new and interesting ways of saying "WTF" and "If you got a dog, walk it proud!" is one of my new favorite sayings.
You have a great sense of humor and I love reading your blog.

Mary Beth said...

Yep, yep, about the beach.

The question are an older parent...well sure you are older than he is, or someone else would have to take care of BOTH of you! :)

And you, too, could cry in public over your crayon; but you could not have beer. Sorry.