Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An Affirming Flame

I live near Lancaster county. Very near.

The Presbytery has sent out information about prayer vigils throughout the area and other efforts that are being made. At the bottom of the list, this one stood out:
Two funds have been set up by Old Order Amish. They are both through the Coatesville Savings at 1028 Georgetown Road, Paradise, PA 17503. One fund is the "Nickles Mines Children's Fund." The other is the "Roberts Family Fund, for Children of the Roberts Family."

What an incredible testimony to their faith and committment to who it is God calls them to be that they would set up a fund not only for their own children, but for the Roberts children as well.

Defenseless under the night
Our world in stupor lies;
Yet, dotted everywhere
Ironic points of light
Flash out wherever the Just
Exchange their messages:
May, I, composed like them
Of Eros and of dust,
Beleaguered by the same
Negation and despair
Show an affirming flame.
-- W.H. Auden


revabi said...

Amen and amen.

Anonymous said...

I heard on NPR that the Amish community was reaching out to the Roberts children. Talk about a contrast society. Peace to all the families.

see-through faith said...

Jesus in action ... how we need it. Thanks will smama for highlighting this ...

Sue said...

The radical love of Christ consistently has the capacity to leave me speechless.

God bless these grieving families for their faith and their powerful forgiveness.

towanda said...

If I remember correctly, this poem also includes the line, "We must love one another or die."


A. Lin said...

I posted the information about the funds on my blog.

Thanks for having this information. What a testimony of commitment to Christ!

cheesehead said...

Can't type...screen blurry...

This takes my breath away.

will smama said...

Yes Towanda. The stanza before the one I quoted states:

All I have is a voice
To undo the folded lie,
The romantic lie in the brain
Of the sensual man-in-the-street
And the lie of Authority
Whose buildings grope the sky:
There is no such thing as the State
And no one exists alone;
Hunger allows no choice
To the citizen or the police;
We must love one another or die.

hipchickmamma said...

wow. thanks for sharing.

towanda said...

I love this poem.