Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mother of the Year

Some of you may have gathered that Mother of the Year is probably not an award coming my way any time soon. Some reason why would include:

  1. My husband stays home with our son while I go to work. This in and of itself does not preclude me from the award, but the fact that I am usually okay, even happy with this choice does knock me down in MotY points.
  2. We have determined that for our family's mental health it is best if I do not attend pediatrician appointments. This one severely hurts my chances, because c'mon how many moms out there MISS pediatrician appointments. I just get too wound up and filled with lunacies such as they are only saying we are doing a good job but really they are going to have to take him away OR that the fact that his head measured three inches smaller has nothing to do with the fact that he is flailing away at the nurse taking the measurement but rather that he has some rare strain of head contusion normally only found in a small town in Greenland.
  3. I am way behind on all the things we should be doing in order to have the best possible chance of getting him into Harvard. He has had no lessons of any kind yet, prefers to pretend his crayons are a telephone rather than draw, carefully places his food on his spoon and then proceeds to eat with his other hand, and does not attend any kind of pre preschool. He can count to three by skipping one and then saying two twice. I know what he means, but will the admissions counselors?

HOWEVER, I do think I should be reconsidered for the award because this morning I had the bright idea of washing a used key ring and all of our random keys and I gave them to him as I recognized his love of keys and also his burning desire to hide the keys that we begrudgingly let him play with and then wondered why one of us had placed those same keys in the doggie bowl or underneath the couch or in the (non-burning) fireplace.

No need for an official proclamation or a public award ceremony. The big grin and hug I received and his proud declaration of, "KEYS!" is all I need.

I humbly accept this award for all working moms everywhere and especially for my friend who when she saw another toddler pointing out red, blue and green to her toddler exclaimed out loud, "Oh shit, I forgot to teach him colors!"


Lorna said...

I vote for you :) You make me laugh - and that's high up on the mother of the year award skills in my book.

blessings and love :)

PS have you seen MY keys????

will smama said...

LOL - Lorna, now you have made me laugh.

Listing Straight said...

When we were deliberating about putting Dear Daughter in a fancy non-traditional pre-school program we went to visit the classrooms. They were amazing. Educational toys. Maps of the world with the flags for all of the countries. I immediately started thinking of all of the things she could be learning.

And then I thought. Does she really need to know the flag of Guatemala before she is 4 years old? If she learns that now, what will she learn later on?

You have to leave some things to learn later on.

revabi said...

Don't feel bad, that puts me right there with you.

Songbird said...

I'm in favor of playing for as long as possible, and would gladly vote for you in any mothering competition!

Preacher Mom said...

One of my biggest break-throughs as a mother was admitting that I would be a rotten stay-at-home mom and learning to not feel (too) guilty about that.

And I'm all about play, too. Why does our culture think it's doing the right thing be stealing childhood from our children anyway??

You've got my vote!

towanda said...

You sound like a great mother to me!

Gord said...

We're supposed to teach them stuff???
I assumed it all just got in there by osmosis.

MInd you we have a 3 year old who can fullly explain the idea of peeing in the potty---living it out on the other hand...

Marie said...

Okay you AND Lorna made me laugh. And I'd vote for you as MotY. Let 'em play!!!

ppolarbear said...

harvard is grossly over-rated.
and I'd vote for you anyday.

Sue said...

You have my vote too!

Citymouse said...

If mama ain't happy, ain't no body happy.

I have always been a much better mom by working outside the home.

Mommy of the year-- my vote goes for the woman who knows who she and is okay with that!

Congrats!!! You win!!!

Anonymous said...

Laughed out loud. Yes, keys take the day. You'll always be mom of the year for your kid.