Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Forced Moment of Zen

I haven't walked the dog in about 17 months. More specifically until this past Sunday I hadn't walked the dog since the morning of February 4, 2005 - the day The Boy arrived.

It is not laziness as much as logistics. We have a huge lawn (cemetary included) and he doesn't go far - or at least so we thought. We realized a few days ago that his trips might be going a bit farther than we thought and official walking may be in order (still haven't quite figured out the logistics).

If you were a part of Saturday's 11th Hour Preacher Party then you know I was up early Sunday morning finishing up a manuscript. With both boys still sleeping I took the dog for a walk. It was nice.

It was calm. It was quiet. It was still reasonably cool.

It was a good way to go into the 'day' part of the Sunday.


Girl said...

Wow...that's a cool picture!

Songbird said...

Very cool.
I can't wait to meet the dog!

see-through faith said...

wonderful pic. early Sundays are great (sometimes!)