Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Really George?

With ALL that is going on in our community right now - local, country, global - is constitutionally banning the union of two people who want to make a public committment to one another REALLY what we need to be doing right now?


UPDATE: Read this.


reverendmother said...

I would actually respect him a *little* more (respect, not agree with) if this were really a burning issue of conscience for him, rather than what I suspect it is, which is a cheap way to placate his base on something that has no chance of becoming reality.

will smama said...

Abso – f’ing – lutely.

It is so transparent even some of my ‘redder’ parishioners are embarrassed.

Songbird said...

I'll tell you what, you know things are bad when your non-believing husband starts the day by saying to you, "I hope your God wins."

Catherine + said...

Exactimundo! Rev. Susan said as much in DC yesterday when she appeared on the Capitol steps with the HRC.

Gee, isn't blogging fun?!

Leslee said...

I was thinking along the same lines today in my car. I don't think the gay lifestyle is good nor do I think God likes it, but sheesh, there's so much bad in the world so what if two people want to spend money to have a big white fluffy wedding? There are worse things in the world.