Friday, June 23, 2006

Overheard at the Softball Fields

Speaker #1: Irritated female softball player frustrated at getting pounded (in softball) once again by an all male team that represents a denomination similar to her own but apparantly stopped reforming and just got stuck on the decently and anal part. Their best player continued to show off his skills by hitting it to where our youngest girl was (he was a righty hitting to right field - a big bad sportsmanship no-no when you can obviously hit it anywhere you want and your team is leading by 15+ runs - even his own teamate finally told him to take his skirt off).

Speaker #1 notes that there are a number of women on the opponent's side of the field in chairs wearing the team's colors and she decides to jog by on her way back to the bench (incidentally after making the only out she made of the night having batted 5-6).

Speaker #1: Hey all... you've got the jerseys how come you are not out on the field?
Reformed and Repressed Woman #1: What?
Speaker #1: Well I see you have the uniforms, why don't you grab a glove and come on out. We have a great time.
Reformed and Repressed Woman #2: Well, we're not allowed to play.
Speaker #1: (feigning shock) WHAT?
Reformed and Repressed teenager: Yeah, it's not fair.
Speaker #1: Sounds to me like those boys need to either move up a division or you all need to switch churches!

Any similarities between Speaker #1 and the author of this blog are right on the money.


Songbird said...

Wow. That's disgusting. And I like Speaker #1's comeback.

Sue said...

The women and children aren't allowed to play?? How ridiculous is that!?

Way to tell 'em Speaker #1!!

reverendmother said...




Go Speaker 1!!!

Decently and anal=perfection.

Bad Alice said...

Hmm . . . PCUSA vs PCA? RPC?

zorra said...

So then what did they say?

will smama said...


They laughed. I - errr, I mean Speaker #1 - was trying to keep things light so I let them off the hook and kept moving.

AC said...

Way to go! .. Sometimes people wont think about why they can play until someone invites, or asks them..