Monday, June 26, 2006

Missing the Second Point

In one week two columnists missed the point... here is the second one.

Not two days after the 'oink oink' column (see below post) our church member was not mentioned by name but was called out for his actions by another columnist, same paper. This columnist had a bone to pick with the various things that teachers sometimes do in order to motivate their students.

In his case he had worn a pink dress through the day and shaved his legs in front of an assembly of sixth graders. Why? I am glad you asked because the columnist did not mention it in the paper so the readers don't know either. He did this because the sixth grade class of less than 200 students raised over $10,000 for their first ever Relay for Life - a fundraiser for cancer research.

This woman stated that when teachers do things like that they lose the respect of the students. Teachers should be professional and dress professionally at all times basically because back in her day that is what they did.

In my humble opinion she could not have been more wrong. Especially in middle school and high school you can wear a tuxedo or you can wear a bathing suit and a hula shirt - the students will respect you if you can run your classroom well (don't let the bullies & loudmouths take over) and if you treat them at a level they deserve (whether that's good or bad). From my own experience I worked far harder for the teachers I liked and respected than the ones that I didn't.

I have been around town with this guy and kids of all ages call him Mr. Lastname. He is the one who organized the entire school district into this fundraiser and as I stated one grade alone raised over $10,000.

I think she missed the point.


Gord said...

From your acount I'm not sure she was in the same state as the point

reverendmother said...

Indeed she did, Will S!

Quotidian Grace said...

What Gord said.u

peripateticpolarbear said...

yup. hopefully you're not the only one to see it.

RuthRE said...

How on earth people are allowed to write for a paper...without an ounce of accountability....

lack of research, fact gathering...i mean...oy

going to rebutt?

will smama said...

We let the 'oink' one go but quite a few folks wrote in to defend the teachers. None were printed.

see-through faith said...


makes you want to cry. What a great teacher, what great kids! I'm with you on this one will smama

Riverview United said...

I think I am using this story in my sermon about authority (and where it comes from) tomorrow.
--Gord (