Thursday, June 29, 2006

Do As They Say, Not as They Do

If you mill around the revgalblogpals or the presbyterian bloggers then you may have taken note that the governing body of the PCUSA has met and now while some are busy with their planned reactions to this and that others are soaking up the info and the commentary and watching the dust settle.

Over 390 items came before the commissioners and three of those have bubbled to the surface of Whiny Lake. (Why Whiny Lake rarely has boats carrying food for the hungry or clothing for the poor is a subject for another post). If you have read some of the other blogs that I associate myself with then you have heard the phrase PUP report and you know that the angst over it is sponsored today by the number 5. In non-technical language - that does not hold me accountable to any nuances that are incorporated into the official language - we are inviting folks to put on a visible level what people have been doing of their own accord for years.

That's right folks, we are now inviting people to say out loud what they really mean before agreeing to the standards of ministry. For instance, instead of just keeping to yourself your issues while promising to uphold the peace, unity and purity of the church you can actually say, "I do... except for that guy" (pointing remains optional).

Interestingly enough - might I even say ironically - I think those who are packing their bags right now are using their own 'local option'. Before #5 was voted on other numbers had their due which included recommendations like these (loosely translated):

1) Quit your bitching and stop blaming everything on mother church (passed 459 to 41, 7 abstentions... I'll never understand the abstain thing but I digress)

2) Take time to figure out stuff together before you reach to get that splinter out of your fellow Christian's eye... might want to take the time to figure out where that log came from too (459 to 41, 7).

3) Study the report... don't just skip to the back to find the parts that piss you off. There is no answer key back there either (459-41-7).

4) If you are leading a meeting try the discernment process rather than trying to ram your agenda through... although you could use the log from your eye as a ramming tool (459-41-7) .

5) Pick a pcusa blog, any blog, and you'll find out about this one (298-221-1) .

6) Can we quit arguing about this now? (298-221-1)

7) Seriously, quit it (298-221-1).

I'll finally get to my point with this question:
If you voted affirmatively for 1 thru 4 and then once 5 thru 7 passed you decided you want out because you didn't get your way... aren't you exercising your own local option?


cheesehead said...

You are a freakin' GENIUS.

I couldn't have said it better myself...which is obvious, since I didn't.

(stands and applauds)

Songbird said...

I'm not even Presbyterian, but I get it.

Teri said...

amen and amen. especially about just saying we're doing what we're already doing. That's precisely what I blogged about.

One day I might get around to blogging about the whole lack of compassionate boats on Whiny lake. I might even steal that phrase. (of course, I'll credit you!)