Monday, June 12, 2006

Cute Dentist

Got me some replacement fillings today. It wasn’t too bad especially since I now know where Cute Dentist has been hiding.

Not too long ago TDH – more frugal than health concious as he is – told me that since we have dental insurance we should probably take advantage and go to the dentist. I responded that I would indeed make an appointment as soon as I was done carpeting the garage and air conditioning the shed (my Mom used to say the former, we don’t even own the latter).

The mature adult won out and off to the dentist we went. The dental hygenist was nice enough and then the dentist came in to check her work. He obviously was a child prodigy because there was no way he was older than 16 and he was very cute. I even forgave him when he pronounced that I would need a filling or two… and when I stood up and realized he was short.

I joked, I teased – okay I flirted – and I made my filling appointment.

Cute Dentist told me to bring some music I would enjoy listening to in order to make the process more bearable so I did. Now I still do not own an ipod, but three years ago most people did not own one either. My portable cd player was broken so I did what any good child of the 80’s would do and I dug through our random electronic paraphenalia box and dug out the portable cassette player and the headphones that matched.

Laying in the chair – mid-fillings – my tape stopped and I had to flip it over. With that Cute Dentist said, “Wow, is that one of those Walk-mans?”

He said ‘Walkman’ as if he remembered studying that in his Judeo-Christian history class. He had the same smug look on his face that I had when I told my Dad we were studying the Beatles in my 8th grade music class. And when I told my younger sister about it (she who owns an ipod) she too laughed at me and told me that they actually have a Walkman in the Smithsonian Museum.


After that incident I didn’t see Cute Dentist again although with only twice a year appointments I really didn’t think too much about it. I just figured he had left for another office. Until today when lo and behold there he was with long needles in hand. Their office now has satellite radio that usually plays the 80’s so I left my walkman at home.

One more thing I like about him, he said thank you just about every time the assistant, Flourine (I kid you not), handed him the various things he needed during the procedure. She is conservatively 40 years his senior so I like that he appreciates her experience and is polite about it all.

I think my experience with him gives me a little glimpse into what it is like for folks in the church to have me as their pastor. For many it is the first time their pastor has been younger than them. I guess that is a little weird and may take some getting used to, but at least I haven't relegated the outdated carillon to a museum!


peripateticpolarbear said...

I just tried to give my discman to Goodwill...but they don't take "outdated electronics." Sniff.

see-through faith said...

laughing at ppb :)

thanks for posting will smama :) It's been TOO long!

Anonymous said...

Just think, somewhere out there in the pews someone may mentally refer to you as Cute Pastor! :)

will smama said...

PPB - It was not a birthday THAT long ago where everyone combined resources and bought me the discman with the car converter (cassette tape on a wire) and charger. Over $100!!!

Natty - huh.

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