Thursday, April 06, 2006

Does He Know What He Just Said?

Tonight concluded our Lenten Soup n' Study series on Parables. It was a good series, I thought, fun to teach and although attendance was low our discussion were generally pretty good.

One of our faithful attendees puts the 'right' in right wing conservative. As in he is 'right' you are 'wrong'. For instance when we were talking about the parable where the neighbor comes over at midnight and asks for bread for his quests who just arrived this gentleman in my class insisted that he would not give him bread, he should have thought ahead and made enough bread and not be bothering him. Sounds like our current administration's general view on justice for the poor, doesn't it?

Anyway, this guy is not too happy that there is a woman in the pulpit and as for homosexuals... perish the thought!

Tonight we came in with our own parables and we discussed and shared and practiced writing some more and I ended by putting a parable on the board that I had written. Then I asked them to talk out what they thought it meant and then I asked them to state what they thought the question or statement was that led into the parable. I did not give them any insight into what I was thinking when I wrote the parable.

First what I wrote in italics and then in bold the statement that our right wing friend thought the parable was attempting to illustrate:

After a great storm the master called one of his servants to come and rebuild his home. The servant was a carpenter by trade and had a belt and a box filled with many tools. When the servant began to work on the house his work was beautiful. Suddenly the master's brother ran out, stopped him and sent him home. When the master asked why; his brother explained that the carpenter was left handed and because of that was not allowed to build.

You should not judge people by their physical attributes but rather on the work they accomplish.

I smiled to myself as I wrote his statement on the board and somehow managed not to shout, "You mean like boobs and a vagina?"

I'm off to round-up.


Songbird said...

Heehee! Nice work, will smama.

cheesehead said...

Did you sneak in the back door of St Stoic?

There's one in every crowd, isn't there.

will smama said...

Yes, although in my case (and from what I've read about St. Stoic) there is at least 5 to 10 in every crowd.

Sue said...

Good one! My first pastoral charge had several folks like your gentleman. It was all I could do some days to hold back the comments I really wanted to share.

apstraight said...

Where's the Vicar of Dibley when you need her?

will smama said...

Alright, AP Straight - I had to google that and now I wish I had a REAL PBS station even more.

Maybe netflix has those one dvd.

will smama said...

Yeah! They did.

Sophia said...

Um, I wish the thought that "there's one everywhere" was comforting, but for this priest in training, it's really not!


I get a little nervous thinking about leaving my cocoon of two parishes that love and support women in ministry.