Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bumper Sticker Theology

I found this magnet at the northern sun website recommended by Barbara Brown Taylor in her "Faith Matters" article from April 4, 2006 in Christian Century.

One of the projects I did while away was go through an embarrassing amount of back issues of Christian Century and pull out various articles for my files. I pulled out other gems but it was her first choice in bumper sticker: that really caught my attention.

Do I dare place this sticker on my bumper?
Is even this statement too strong for the rural Red?
Should not everyone be for the separation of church and hate?

Too bad I will not get it on time for this Sunday's panel discussion on the ordination of homosexuals. The discussion is part of our 'Hot Topics' Sunday School class or as my friend likes to call it: '101 Ways to get Your Ass Fired'.

And while I am on this topic, why do folks list as one of their frustrations with the pcusa that the denomination is 'anti-capitalist'? Do people really think that capitalism is a Biblical trait?

Anyway, check out the northern sun website to find the bumper sticker, magnet, mug or t-shirt that will best facilitate getting YOUR ass fired.


cheesehead said...

Love this!

Songbird said...

Hmm, just my ass?

RuthRE said...

dhee, funny :)

will smama said...

Songbird, I'm not sure how to address that question without getting in serious trouble so...


Preacher Mom said...

Love this!!!

Pink Shoes said...

I read the piece, too -- these are fabulous selections.

juniper68 said...

I'm gonna buy:
"What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about?"
although I'm sorely tempted by
"Jesus is coming. Look busy!"

On my old car, I had "What if God is asking US for a sign?" (got it somewhere else, can't remember where now) but I wouldnt do that again - it made me kind of a freak magnet at the grocery store.

will smama said...

Juniper - I LOVE those. That website also has a magnetic bumper sticker frame so you can rotate your bumperstickers without killing your car.

I wish I could remember the exact wording but I saw an SUV once with the bumper sticker that said something like:
When the rapture comes you'll wish you had a Jesus bumper sticker too.

Unfortunately, judging from the other stickers on the car I do not think the driver thought it was a joke.

I did.

see-through faith said...

you lot crack me up

no bumper stickers here - just the occasional fish sign - which as hubby puts it "usually shows that they WILL obey the law, the speed limit and everything that goes with it and condemn you for not doing likewise"

mcqueen said...

Bumper stickers nowadays are not just plain or meaningless texts or drawings.. they can now also reflect the ideologies and beliefs of people.. they also trigger attention and contentions with what they are trying to say