Friday, March 17, 2006

RevGalBlogPal Friday Five - Spring Break Edition

For today's Friday Five, tell us about five ways you have spent a spring vacation or holiday, pleasantly or un-. And as a bonus question, describe your dream spring vacation.

First the Spring Breaks:

1) In high school and grade school February break was spent down at my grandparent's house in Florida. Their second guest bedroom was their boat parked at their dock. Talk about a spark for a kid's imagination! There are a lot of fun memories from those trips - interesting since occasionally we did go to Disney or one of the other big tourist attractions - yet my great memories revolve around all-you-can-eat homemade strawberry shortcake, jigsaw puzzles with Gram, taking their dingy out, riding bikes with my grandfather... basically too much to post within my self-imposed boundaries of a meme.

2) In college I was on the softball team and our season had already begun during Spring Break. So... no drinking, partying, or going away. BUT do not feel too bad for me - I went to college in Florida. My dorm rooms had a view of the bridge, I lived 10 minutes away from the beach... basically I did not have to go to Spring Break because Spring Break came to me (see #5).

3) Senior year in college there was no softball for me due to injury. Soooo, perfect opportunity for me to PAR-TAY. Thing is, I was mainly a beer drinker as I enjoyed the buzz, but always wanted to be in control. In fact, my college friends still tease me about how we would all be at a party and I would basically just hang back and keep my eye on all of them.
One night during Spring Break I decided to go with them to a bar that was having $5 all you can drink ladies night.

I vaguely remember a couple of amaretto sours plus God only knows what, playing my best games of pool ever, then the bathroom... I was home by 8. The thing is the sickness is not really what made me decide to go home, it was that I knew I was WAY drunk and I did not want to be that out of control. Say it with me children, "Beer before liquor, never sicker."

Interesting side note: the next day a female co-ed known for her small frame (4'6")and irresponsible drinking habits approached me and asked me if I had been drugged the night before because she thought she had. I said no, what did you drink?

3 Long Island Iced Teas.
Ummm, call me crazy but I think we found the culprit.

4) One of my favorite stories...
Once again in college one of my friends came to tell us that she had a way to get a free stay in Daytona Beach.
US: Great, how did you do that?
HER: I joined the Young Republicans Club.
US: Uh, are you a young Republican?
HER: No, I just decided that I wanted to go to Daytona Beach for the weekend.
US: You can't do that. That's not right. You can't join a club just to go to Daytona Beach.
HER: They have more openings, do you want to go?

So off we went. We rode with a VERY shall we say 'socially awkward guy' (my friends took one look at him and immediately called reverse shotgun). I spent about the first five minutes trying to do small talk and only received grunts in return.

Once we arrived the joke was on us for there was little time for beach because of all the bureaucracy practice that needed to be done. I still remember at the end of one incredibly long meeting where even the President of the group was obviously tired of it all, one Young Republican Clubber stood up and implored us all to change one of the resolutions and send it back through the system 'just for fun'.

I wish I could remember his name because I am sure he is in DC clogging up the system by now... either that or he was just indicted.

5) Going to college in Florida means everyone wants to stay with you during their Spring Break - nevermind the fact that you have your own classes to take, papers to write and exams to pass. Our campus numbers rose significantly through late February, March and April. So we did not have to travel far to meet a lot of fun folks and have a lot of great parties. Good times... not good grades, just good times.

BONUS QUESTION: Dream Spring Vacation
Except for the fact that TDH would HATE this I would love to go to one of those all-inclusive resorts where the other guests do not know your name (or your occupation) but all of the staff does.


Songbird said...

That looks pretty delicious right about now.

will smama said...

I'm saying...

cheesehead said...

The way I learned it was like this:

Whiskey, beer=never fear.
Beer, whiskey=pretty risky.

Geez, I can't believe I remember that 25 years later.

will smama said...

Huh. I didn't realize that the alcohol warnings were regional, not universal. Ours was:

Beer before Liquor never sicker.
Liquor before beer never fear.

Now, do I remember ANYTHING from my Sociology, biology, Spanish, Philosophy of Religion or you-name-it class... no.

Songbird said...

By the way, I meant the vacation spot.

How I learned it was:

"Liquor on beer, have no fear.
Beer on liquor, you'll be sicker."

This may all be avoided by eschewing beer.

Sue said...

I didn't go to university until I was 32 and therefore didn't learn any good rules.

However, I had my first experience of tequila and lime when I was in seminary. It wasn't on Spring Break though....

So, uh, Young Republicans eh? :)

will smama said...

Songbird, I knew what you meant...
and I LIKE beer.

Actually after that night I said no more hard liquor for me, ever. Everyone laughed, but I have stuck to it.

mz said...

I SOOOOO want to go to one of those inclusive places, but also think le significant other would hate it. We should think about planning one for ourselves!

Teri said...

I always thought it was "liquor before beer, you're in the clear; beer before liquor and you've never been sicker."

I too solve this problem by not drinking beer. Except in Egypt, when the problem is conveniently solved by not drinking anything at all because it's so culturally taboo. (boo)

see-through faith said...

loved your bonus answer :)

I think hubby would like it more than me though. Not that I'd mind ....

Revem said...

Your dream place looks very similar to mine.
Maldives ahhhhh Now theres a place for rest and relaxation.

Songbird said...

I really don't drink much, but one thing I cannot handle is tequila. Oh, boy! does it make me sick!! The head is explosive, and the stomach, ack!!! No tequila for this bird, ever again.

Gord said...

To tell the truth I had really never been out drinking until church work. I have been drunk-to-the-sick-stage 3 times in my life. All 3 were at the end of summer party from camp.

And when did I start frequenting the bar on a regular basis? First-year of seminary. This church stuff is exciting!

will smama said...

Gord, I blame it on the big guy himself. I mean the guy's first miracle started everyone off on the wrong foot!