Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thoughts on the Olympics: A Mini-Rant

Bode Miller – I am ok with the whole I-grew-up-in-the-back- woods-without-electricity-so-I-am-a-bit-eccentric-and-don’t-care-about-winning thing. Really, I can deal with it...
until you sign a contract to shill for Nike.
At that point your job is to shut up and win. And if you don’t do the latter than you damn well better be sure you do the former.

Shani & Chad - Did you boys really want to use your 15 seconds of Olympic fame to be known as the prima donnas of men’s speed skating? You do realize that is now your legacy, right? Instead of Wheaties boxes your pictures should go on Prozac tablets.

Chad Hedrick – Have you not heard the fable about the Scorpion who bites the same one who helps him? It cannot change its nature nor can Shani. What part of him training in another country and never communicating with his US coaches or teammates made you think he would suddenly show up for the team event?

Shani Davis – Show up for the $*%&$# team event. I can see that it is not your role to give Chad Hendrick another medal, but how about the guys whose only chance for a medal was that team event. You broke the code man, you broke the code.

Emily Hughes – This young woman has been raised by a family who has taught her to never fear failure. You saw it in her sister and last night I saw it in her. In an event that practically invented the word ‘choke’ as pretty men and women were constantly falling on their ass, she just let it rip... and stayed on her feet. Sweet!

Sasha Cohen – Nice. Congratulations on putting yourself back together again.

NBC – You suck. The Today Show is you only saving grace. Do you really think that folks who are actually watching the Olympics only care about the US athletes? For instance, so what if Chad and Shani came in 2nd and 3rd – how about the fact that Enrico Fabris FROM THE HOST COUNTRY came away with the gold! There had to have been bedlam in the streets, not just Americans pouting in the press tent.

Thank you Al Trautwig, that will be enough of your fake German accent adding further insult to the fact that you were stereotyping.

Jim Lampley – I. Can. Hear. You. Please stop yelling at me.

Where’s Jim McKay when you need him?

Now, if you will excuse me,Elmo's World is on which means it is time for The Boy's bottle.

Don't you judge me.


Songbird said...

I was rhapsodizing about ABC and Jim McKay and the good old days of Olympic coverage just the other day. My kids thought I was a little weird.
I agree with everything you have said.

Gord said...

YOu know Canadian television covers people other than Cnandians (which is a darn good thing in some sports--expecially in the Summer Olympics). I always thought it was simply good journalism to cover the whole games, not just those people you want to win. It also means they will still show the curling gold medal teams even if both Canadian teams chose to choke, hockey too.

will smama said...

Songbird, maybe it is just me being sentimental but I miss those McKay days.

Gord, I have heard from my Michigan friends that the Canadian telecasts are much better.

net said...

I feel the same way about NBC covering the Olympics as I do CBS doing the NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney and Fox covering Duke basketball games ... blech!!!!!

Quotidian Grace said...

LOL! I couldn't agree more. And NBC is whining about their ratings for this coverage being low.

They can't compete with Project Runway!

apstraight said...

Amen and Amen.

NBC is one of the 3 channels I get and these weeks are just very un-fun....

gavin richardson said...

nbc is showing the olympics? i hadn't noticed..

cheesehead said...

I loved this!

Sing it, sister!

see-through faith said...

and the Finns and the curling. you forgot that sis :)

hope you'll be cheering for them against arch rivals tom in the hockey final.

finland v sweden. HELP !!!