Thursday, January 12, 2006

17 days, 3300 Miles... and a Funeral

We are home.

We pulled in at 2:45 and I met with the family at 3:30. The funeral is tomorrow morning at 10:30.

Communion on Sunday as well as installation and ordination of deacons and elders.
A commitment Sunday afternoon.
Session on Tuesday.

Wednesday morning to celebrate my survival of that post-vacation schedule I will be ordering the "Does this pulpit make my butt look big?" tank top.

I missed you all. Thank you Lord for traveling mercies.


Friday Morning, 6:38: There is no heat in my office (broken?) and my Administrative Assistant is taking today off so I am running the bulletin myself. The family that left the church - the reason for my December 22nd marathon Session meeting - oh yeah, they'll be here today.

Seriously, who WROTE this script?


Preacher Mom said...

Welcome home! I know the immediate demands of work don't feel much like a welcome, but a lot of us in blogland have missed hearing from you. (I don't have the shirt, but I do have the mug. Makes me smile every time I use it!)

Quotidian Grace said...

Glad you're back safely and sorry the heat isn't working! Bummer.

Stacey said...

Is it mean of me to be sort of glad that someone came back from vacation to more madness than I did?

Seriously, good grief. Here's hoping you get some post-post-vacation rest soon.

Songbird said...

I have the mug, too, and it is definitely a mood-lifter. Sorry your re-entry was so rough.