Friday, December 23, 2005

Things that my Son Learned While I was at the Meeting

He can now propel himself in a military crawl to get to what he wants.
What he wants are the presents under the tree.
He doesn’t open he shakes and bangs on them with his hands.

He points at the cat and makes a hard ‘c’ sound when she enters the room… hunting for ribbon.

He can pull himself to a standing position by pushing off with his feet and using the couch to pull himself up using his hands… and his teeth!

He prefers Chiraz to other reds.
After reading it a second time, War and Peace is no longer his favorite novel.
He has decided that the Masters in molecular biology is unnecessary since the PhD in organic chemistry will more than advance his career.

Seriously, how long WAS that meeting?


Preacher Mom said...

My daughter was 7 when I first entered ordained ministry. Occasionally she used to have to play games on the computer in my study and eat a picnic lunch to pass the time. I still have the little notes she used to pass to me under the door. "Hury up!!!" "Get finish!" "How much longer?" "This is FOREVER!!!!!"

Songbird said...

My younger two were very happy when their brother got his license and could drive them home right after church, avoiding the wait for meetings and conversations. Then he went to college. Now they are stuck again, but by this time next year, #2 will be driving himself.
I like The Boy's taste.

Lorna said...


I'm so with you in this.

Is is possible -do you think - to be a pastor (esp in the UMC) and be exempt from meetings and committees?

Otherwise I'm seriously thinking I've misheard God on this calling thing!!

oh and take up knitting for those meetings- hat tip to Songbird for that idea!

Blessed Christmas

reverendmother said...


jo(e) said...

This was great.

Songbird said...

I must say, though, I don't knit at meetings where I am acting as the pastor. At my own church, I bring knitting to the Knitters Circle and the Women's Book Group. But the other places I knit are all denominational committees outside Small Church. Although it actually enhances my focus, I fear it is perceived as inattention.