Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

My Dad cannot make it up to Cold State from Warm State for Christmas because of a bad back.

My sister and I are just coming off an unfun pothole in our relationship.

My in-laws’ health is steadily declining… and yet their stubborness, judgements and demands remain steadfast.

Although I planned ahead, I once again was side-swiped by the January bulletins I have to do so I can be away on vacation. I always forget those until it is crunch time for all of the other stuff too. Long story short: I am doing/have done 8 bulletins in 2 weeks (this means planning worship too, not just doing the paperwork).

My new Administrative Assistant is just that, new… and this is not her calling.

We just received notice that the MAIN PRESENT for all of our relatives WILL NOT BE HERE FOR CHRISTMAS. I ordered them mid-November.

The Session (our church’s governing body) is having a meeting forced on us by three of them who met with the family who left.
The informational packets they handed out are ten pages long.
The meeting is set for Thursday night.

That’s right. December 22nd.

My strategy?
Today I had a massage (I pre-scheduled it two months ago. The January bulletins snuck up on me, but the tension did not).

Tomorrow I will meet a friend for afternoon coffee.

Thursday I will bake comfort food with my Mom and sister. .. and eat it hot out of the oven.

Friday is dinner and a movie with Tall, Dark and Husband.

Saturday is Christmas Eve. I love Christmas Eve.

Sunday I already have a relaxed worship service planned, complete with Baptism.

Monday we leave on vacation.

I. Shall. Not. Be. Defeated.


Songbird said...

Good Lord! What are they thinking?

Your plans for self-care sound very, very good.

Kathryn said...

Drat it all! you have my profound sympathies...Cannot believe they've scheduled that meeting for 22nd December: they must have sadly empty lives! The survival tactics sound good...think I need to develop some here, rapidly, as this will be my second Christmas in ordained ministry, on which I am on antibiotics. Last year I couldn't talk, this year I can neither breathe nor hear! Ah well, onwards and upwards..and here's to the vacation :-)

Listing Straight said...

You, my friend, kick a** as as pastor and a mother.


Preacher Mom said...

I will be praying for you tomorrow. I, too, have had my share of the fallout from "the family who left." Unfortunately, one of them did not leave and continues to stir the stuff any chance she gets. The good news is, I have survived the original ordeal for three years. The bad news is, it never really goes away. At least not completely.

Love that you are being intentional about taking care of yourself through this.

God bless!

Quotidian Grace said...

I'm so sorry. This is despicable timing. I'll remember you in prayer today.

Mary Beth said...

Reading this on the 22nd, and lighting a candle for you. You are in my every prayer, my friend.

Gord said...

THinking of you today. PRayers for a "good" meeting (whatever that may mean.)

Songbird said...

Thinking of you tonight, will smama.