Saturday, October 15, 2005

The RevGalBlogPal Friday Five

The weather where you are: Moving toward autumn crisp and sunny (finally!)

Where you are typing this: At our dining room table, which really has more of an office feel. The Boy is playing and spitting in the living room, talking to his sock (dang he’s cute).

Where you might be sitting if you could be anywhere: On the deck of our friends’ beach apartment overlooking the ocean – smelling the smells, hearing the sounds, drinking the coffee… and most likely wondering how long I can sit up there before the glare of the sun off the computer screen does permanent damage to my retinas.

A chore you have to do this weekend: Buying clothes for my mother-in-law so she can practice getting dressed by herself in rehab. How do you tell a woman who is not exactly your biggest fan anyway, that her size medium petite days are over (and have been for quite some time). I guess for starters you probably leave out the ‘and have been for quite some time’ part.

Something delightful you will do or would like to do this weekend: I would love to go on a hike with TDH - The Boy in his backpack and the dog running ahead of us… Not gonna happen though. TDH is caring for his father about an hour away and I have a shopping assignment to complete. There are decent college football games on later this afternoon however and for me that is an okay consolation prize.


Songbird said...

Talking to the sock is *very* cute. :-)

Lorna said...

sympathise iwth MIL - I had same problems with my own mum a few years back. She asked me to fly to the UK to help her. She's just moved into sheltered houssing from a larger place and had simply too much stuff.

I worked like a slave - happy to do it - until it came to her wardrobe - cases and cases of stuff. Too small,loads of high healed shoes - almost as many as Emelda Marcos - and I kid you not, enough handbags to rival the Queen of England.

She hated me every minute of those two days. There were tears and temper tantrums. I hated doing it to her or for her.She had to see almost every possession be put aside for charity- knowing that her era of being a well turned out, smart YOUNG woman were well and truly over.

It was really hard for us both.

This weekend I fly back to the UK with two traumatic teenagers to visit her for a few days. I'm dreading it really because these visits get harder and harder, and there's such a lot of tension so I'd appreciate the all prayers anyone can muster. Thanks :)

Hope you time with MIL is less traumatic than you expect too.

be blessed :)