Friday, September 02, 2005

Where ARE they?

Just a brief note to say thank you to Kathleen Koch a reporter for CNN this morning who said:
CNN deployed us in Mobile over the weekend so that we were in these towns by Tuesday. How come the Red Cross and FEMA did not do the same? The first Red Cross person I saw was on Thursday... (end paraphrase)

Did anyone see Harry Connick Jr. on NBC this morning (less importantly, Yum-Me). He was in Baton Rouge at the time and as emphatically as he could with a very hoarse voice was saying that he could bring a car load of water to the convention center right now. He could drive it right in, but they will not let him because of 'danger'. He said when he walked in there he expected to be mugged or shot the way everyone was talking, but instead people were just looking up at him asking for help.


And will someone please get the FEMA guy, Mike Brown, off the tv and doing somethign besides interviews.Don't you have a publicity guy for that?!

Alright... not so brief, but I needed to rant before I could finish the bulletin and head to sermon. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO PREACH ON THIS WITHOUT SOUNDING LIKE A SCREAMING LIBERAL?!?! (Although Tim Russert did say that conservatives are incensed at the poor planning and mismanaged rescue efforts as well).


Songbird said...

Will's Mama, I've been grappling with the preaching issue both in my heart and on my blog all week. I hear you. It's very hard not to be political, and I honestly strive to be pastoral at all times when preaching, so I share the distress, all the time knowing I'm pretty lucky to have this particular problem at the moment.

Pink Shoes said...

Ditto -- It's so hard to know what to do or what to say in the face of such a disaster. We're also having our son baptized this weekend, so are balancing the joy of that event in the midst of tragedy.
I, too, saw HC,Jr. and wondered how many people in cars with water it would take before they let people through...
Would the rental car companies donate large-vehicle rentals to transport water and other necessities?

reverendmother said...

Russert is right. I'm hearing that all over the place--everyone is frustrated, it cuts across all political lines.

Not sure what that means for you, but...

Apostle John said...

Why is it that preaching on social issues makes one sound like a liberal? I don't ask that to pick on you, because it really is true. It should not be that way.

will smama said...

Apostle John, I hear your frustration. Unfortunately the rule of perception wins the day. It is my experience here that often what I said is not what some hear. The Sunday after the election I preached a sermon on five things we could do to help unify this country again. Read cold by others I was told it was a bi-partisan sermon. A minority here raised a ruckus however because they heard it as anti-Bush.

Of course they were greatly aided by the fact that they were listening for this.

As for social issues, I am constantly stunned by the disconnect I often see between the supposed 'religious party' and any attempts at social justice.