Tuesday, August 16, 2005

...easy like monday morning...

There is a jeans commercial that features the lyrics: I'm easy like Sunday morning... This song sung by Faith No More always gives me a bit of a chuckle because for me Sundays ain't easy. In my world easy is Monday morning.

What does a pastor do anyway? My guess is if you surveyed ten church-going folks they would come up with: preaches on Sunday, attends some meetings, maybe goes to a church function or two and then.... ummm, err... What do we pay them for anyway?

Don't get me wrong, I love my job - and I genuinely feel called to it by God - but sometimes I get frustrated that no one seems to get it. On Sunday I am basically on stage from the time I start crossing the parking lot until the time I walk back through my front door (we live on the church grounds). A lot of folks will base whether they like me or not on if I smile at them as I grab a drink at the water fountain or if I remember that they were going to their great aunt Edna's for supper last week or if I noticed that their baby has cut a new tooth.

Anyway, enough about the griping let's move to the genuine pleasure of life - a day off. For me that is Monday. I have just finished a week and the climax of the following week is still far away enough for me to think I will be able to get everything done. I can sleep in, do household chores, run errands... or not. I get to hang out with my son instead of being a parent who just drifts by occasionally when I am not too busy. It is a totally relaxing day for me where I get to be (and feel) like normal people.

Now of course due to occupation and proximity to the church I do get interrupted. Yesterday a knock came on the door from one of my beloved parishioners informing me of all the light bulbs he had fixed (I refrained from suggesting that I didn't need to know such detail).

So while the majority gripes about Monday mornings, I will continue to cherish them. That's why I'm easy...

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Girl said...

Hey smadre...I like your new layout. Cool posting, too. Happy Wednesday? --Girl