Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Boot to the Head Award

I grew up listening to Dr. Demento and one of my favorites was a series of skits by The Frantics entitled: Boot to the Head

Okay, with deep concern that the previous link and the following may get me kicked out of the Rev. Gal Pals ring I am seriously thinking about running a weekly contest. The 'Boot to the Head" award.

This will be a weekly contest with the winner being announced every Tuesday. It is open to figures in the public domain and to those people you come across in life. Just tell us the name or fake name of your nominee and your reason why they should be this week's winner in the comments section of that week's 'Boot to the Head' blog.

My nominee for this week is Pat Robertson for his brilliant interpretation of the commandment: Thou shalt not kill. Apparantly thou shall only not kill if it will decrease America's oil supply. If the pipeline will remain open then by all means, assasinate freely


the reverend mommy said...

I'll say an "Amen" on that one.

r.e. poet said...

Yeah, but Pat Robertson will win every other week. Like when he prays again for supreme court deaths. Always good to pray for someone to die, especially when they are perfectly healthy.

I'll nominate someone who was arguing agianst our hiring a youth director, telling our governing body that folks who had children could just leave the church, and that while we might think this person is rich, that they are not, even if they drive a Le Sable. (?)

cheesehead said...

You got a witness here!

reverendmother said...

I second the Robertson nomination. It's a no-brainer this week.

will smama said...

I agree it is a no brainer, however I happen to know that incoherent inc. was involved in a board meeting where while in the middle of a rant one of his consituents said, "If folks want a youth director let them go somewhere else." and "I know you folks look out in the parking lot and see my LeSabre and think I'm wealthy..."

Too bad Mr. LeSabre has chosen this week. Pat Robertson is going to be too tought to beat.

mibi52 said...

Perhaps a Boot in the Mouth Award would do him a bit more good (oops, unChristian of me - my bad).